2017: Page 172

Page 172 was a day of good things accomplished even if I didn’t get to everything on my list of potential tasks for the day.  My morning walk-through of the building found several areas that would need my attention before the start of Vacation Bible School in the evening.  After making a note of those things so I wouldn’t forget, I checked messages and followed up with some social media responses from the previous day’s postings.  

The rest of my morning was a mix of working on the sermon for Sunday and getting my latest book, “Living Free”, set up to be published and distributed on Amazon in print and Kindle editions.  By late afternoon the Kindle edition was approved and went live on Amazon at the following address: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0731DD8DN.  The print edition takes a little longer to make it through all the approval processes, so it will probably be a few days until it is available.  

By early afternoon I had done what I could for my part in getting the book ready for Amazon, so I picked up the list I had made in the morning and took care of the building needs to get it read for the evening.  Once the building was ready it was time to get some lunch and take a short break before coming back to work to take photos during Vacation Bible School.  My break once again took me down to Potato Creek, but there was no visits by the eagles — surprise or not.  It was still a beautiful afternoon and once again I just sat on the pier taking photos and resting.  Today’s photo is one that has more to it than it first appeared to me that I was photographing.  From where I was, I could see a heron out in the sun with a close eye on the surrounding water.  As I zoomed in to capture the detail I wanted, I noticed a second heron in the shadows on the shore.  It made me think about how often we pay attention to a person who is in a place where they are more noticeable, and completely ignore the person who appears to simply be in the background.  God’s desire is that we are faithful in doing what He has called us to, whether that leads us into an up-front and obvious work or into a behind the scenes service that often goes unnoticed.  Both have purpose and value when given such by God regardless of how the world may judge them.

I didn’t get to spend much time at the park today until it was time to head back to the church building for Vacation Bible School.  Not only is it fun to see children excited to be at church learning about God’s love for them, it is a joy to be able to capture some of that excitement in photographs.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Progress is measured by what gets accomplished, not by what you don’t get to.
  • Notes and to-do lists are useful.  The mind has a way of forgetting things that we tell ourselves we won’t forget.
  • Tasks that I don’t get finished one day are usually still waiting for me the next.  If not, it likely wasn’t that important after all.
  • My schedule for when things should happen can be a useful guideline, but God’s schedule is the one that matters.
  • Sometimes God uses us according to our preferences and sometimes He uses us in spite of our preferences.
  • The person serving in the shadows is just as important as the one in the spotlight — as long as each of them are where God wants them.
  • Joy and excitement in learning about and knowing God’s love for us shouldn’t be limited to children.


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