2017: Page 173

I’m tired.  It has felt like a long week and it is only Thursday.  And I suspect that this week is only practice for what next week will feel like.  I began my workday with the usual summer morning walk-through of the building to take note of anything that would need taken care of before Vacation Bible School in the evening.  After checking on the progress of my book as it works its way through the printing process, I went to see about having my truck serviced before my trip to the North American Christian Convention.  They said they could get to it early in the afternoon, so I went back to the office and put on my accounting hat as I worked on the missions account record-keeping.  

Shortly after noon, I took a break from my accounting work and dropped my truck off at the service center.  While it was being worked on, I spent some time on the Riverwalk through downtown South Bend.  There was a perfect mix of bright blue sky and white fluffy clouds that just longed to be captured in photos.  Not only did I get a lot of photos of the water and sky combination, I also captured today’s photo of a duck and turtle sharing a log.  It first made me think of our need to get along with people who are different than us, and together share this beautiful earth that God has created.  The center of the log was submerged, but the other end had even more turtles and ducks sharing the branches.  That part took me back in time to my first ministry working with youth.  I had a saying that was much more than a slogan, it was a core element of my philosophy of ministry — “Always room for 1 more!”  It seems that many times in ministry it becomes so easy to focus on attendance and numbers that we lose sight of the individual “one more” that makes up those numbers.  For me, that slogan was a way of saying not only is there room for you, but that you are important as an individual.

After my walk, I picked my truck up from the service center then stopped for a late lunch on my way back to work.  The rest of the afternoon was spent finishing up my accounting work.  As I finished that part of my workday, the children were beginning to arrive for Vacation Bible School so I saved my work and got my camera out to take photos of the evening’s activities.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • There seems to be a difference between a good tired and a bad tired, but right now I’m not sure which it is that I am.
  • Sometimes I’m not sure why people ask my opinion on things when it is obvious they don’t want to hear it.
  • Good things can be just as distracting as bad things.  My task is to stay focused on the things God has called me to do and let others stay focused on what He has called them to do.
  • Regular maintenance goes a long way in keeping a lot of things going smoothly.
  • This planet we’re on isn’t ours, so we ought to learn to share it with others who don’t own it either.
  • Perhaps church growth isn’t about programs, events, and crowds but rather all about keeping our eye out for the “one more”.  
  • I suspect that writing is my way of saying, “Here I am!  Listen up, I have something to say!”  I’m thankful that God uses it in spite of that.


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