Sometimes I wonder
     just what could be done.
If the church came together
      and acted as one.
We fight and we argue
     about things that distract.
Two centuries of history
     says that is a fact.

To boil life down
     to what matters most.
And live like we’re filled
     with God’s Holy Ghost.
To proclaim the Christ,
     and Him crucified.
And live life each day
     like the old self has died.

For that is what happens
     when we’re buried with Christ.
The old self is gone
     and we live a new life.
If Christ lives in you
     and He lives in me.
Why is it often
     that we disagree?

Have I really died
     to my old sinful self?
Or do I keep it handy,
     somewhere on the shelf?
You know the right words,
     just what to say.
To hide the real truth,
     you still do things your way.

I ask God to bless me,
     agree that I’m right.
And all who oppose me,
     He really should smite.
Then I sit and wonder
     why little gets done.
Everyone does their own thing,
     we’re all number one!

I read in the Bible,
     the last shall be first.
If you want to be great,
     you must help those who thirst.
A cup of cold water
     that you choose to share.
A kindness to others
     shows you really care.

But back to the story
     of what we could do.
If Jesus was center,
     not me and not you.
If time wasn’t wasted
     with anger or fight.
Or we weren’t trying to prove
     who has all the might.

If we could be one
     in word and in deed.
Surrendered completely
     to follow Christ’s lead.
We may be surprised
     just what could be done.
If we all worked together
     to lift up the Son!
© 2015 by Tom Lemler

In the midst of cleaning the church tonight this poem showed up and stuck in my mind. In order to free my mind and finish my work I had to type it out so I may as well share it.  While I don’t like the season of discouragement and anxiety that has returned to my life, it seems like it is during these times that I pay more attention to God to hear these poems or it is at these times that He knows I need the encouragement He gives through them. Either way, I’ve learned that He expects me to share what He gives.

In prayer,