2017: Page 171

Page 171 was another full day filled with a variety of good things.  I made it to work around 7 AM and took care of some correspondence to start my workday.  After catching up on messages, I spent some time doing some touch-up cleaning and restocking of the bathrooms to have the building ready for another evening of Vacation Bible School.  Once the maintenance tasks were taken care of, I spent the rest of the morning proofreading the next book I will publish.  Because of the speed in which the writing of this book came together, I really expected to find a lot of typos and other word issues that I would need to correct.  I don’t know if it says something about my writing, or about my proofreading, but I only found three minor corrections I needed to make.  After making my way through the book and correcting my manuscript file as needed, I began the process of formatting it for Kindle publication.  The files I need to submit for the print edition is very different than what is needed for Kindle publishing, so it takes time even with copy and paste to create a new document.

By mid-afternoon I needed a break before Vacation Bible School, so I left the building to get some lunch and make a quick trip to Potato Creek.  I guess I have been in need of rest as today made two days in a row that I just sat at the boat ramp taking pictures without hiking any of the trails.  When I got to the lake, the eagles were no where in sight so I sat on the pier to take in the view in front of me as the cloud formations were beautiful.  As I was taking photos, a number of different people used the boat ramp for its other purpose — getting boats on and off the water. 🙂  Eventually one of the people heading out in a boat asked me what kind of bird I was photographing.  I told her I was just photographing the clouds and lake scenes as there wasn’t much else out today.  Her response was that she had thought I was photographing the bird at the top of the tree next to the boat ramp.  I looked behind me and up then said, “Oh, that’s a bald eagle.”  Evidently it had flown in behind me and perched in the top of the tree while my attention was focused in a different direction.  Today’s photo is the one I shot right after turning around and realizing that what I had hoped to photograph, and thought I wouldn’t be able to, was right there above me.  Sometimes we give up on things simply because they don’t happen when we think they should, or how we think they should, or where we think they should.  God wants us to persevere as we trust Him to accomplish the right thing at the right time in the right way at the right place.

After taking a few photos of the eagle, it began to rain so I packed up my cameras and made my way back to the church building in time to sit for just a moment before the start of another evening of  Vacation Bible School.  The next few hours were spent roaming the building taking photos of the children having a great time playing and learning of God’s love for them.  I also took individual photos of the children to be used for a craft project later in the week.  When my work was done, I finally made it home where I warmed up some leftover ribs for dinner before sitting down to write today’s page.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Finishing well requires that you start.
  • Most clean-up only gets worse the longer you wait to do it.
  • Noticing and correcting mistakes is usually more difficult than making them.
  • An uncorrected life eventually makes even less sense than an uncorrected book manuscript.
  • To have my writings published, I must submit them in the proper format as required by the publisher.  While it may take extra work and effort, the only other option is to not publish my work.
  • Because Jesus says that no one comes to the Father except through Him, we would be wise to follow His instructions in order to obtain eternal life through a relationship with Him.
  • Since we’re not in charge, we don’t get to make the rules.
  • It can be very easy to go through life without noticing how near to us God has brought what we need.


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