2017: Page 170

Page 170 began a little later than my weekday mornings so far this summer, but it also ended later than most of my summer workdays so I guess it balanced out  After a full Sunday yesterday, today began with the writing of yesterday’s page.  After I finished writing page 169, I spent a little time moving a few tables to help get things set up for the Vacation Bible School which began this evening.  With the building things taken care of, I turned my attention to drawing into God’s presence in His Word to work on next week’s prayer guide.  I eventually settled on the topic of leadership and spent the rest of the morning developing a prayer guide that considers how God would have us lead in whatever area of leadership He has given us.  Leadership done God’s way is generally quite different than leadership done the world’s way.  Many times Christians have tried to adopt the world’s methods and means of leadership within the church and then wonder why they are not experiencing the “success” that they expect.  We are quick to plug people into roles of leadership and decision-making based on their degrees and an appearance of success in the world, but rarely look at how successful they are in being faithful to the Word of God.  Most, if not all, of my failures have come as a result of my insisting I know what I am doing and God allowing me to do it my way until I realize the need to do it His way.

After the prayer guide was written, I took the time to format it and get it scheduled to post online and go out via email to start next week.  Then my attention turned to a sermon I’ll be sharing with the Pleasant View Church of Christ congregation in Cassopolis, Michigan on Sunday morning.  I’m sure God will be refining that over the next few days as I listen to Him for the heart of the message He would have me share.  By mid-afternoon, it was time to take a break and get some lunch.  I stopped and picked up a sandwich on my way to Potato Creek State Park.  As I drove toward the park, the clouds were beginning to stack up upon each other and the sky was turning very dark in front of me.  Behind me, the sky was still a fairly even mix of blue sky and white, puffy clouds.  At the park, I took quite a few photos of the clouds and sky in an attempt to capture some of its beauty.  Today’s photo was also taken at the park as I found a butterfly pausing for a moment on a lily blossom.  While both the lily and the butterfly are beautiful to see and photograph, the work being done here is often unnoticed and taken for granted.  As do bees, butterflies help to pollinate plants as they pick up pollen from one blossom and spread it to others.  It made me think about our role as Christians in helping the gospel message to be reproduced in the lives of others.  We pick up the “pollen” of truth as we spend time in God’s Word and then gradually spread it into the lives of others as we go about our life — dropping life-giving elements of God’s Word into the receptive blossoms of those we interact with.

The dark clouds finally gathered more moisture than they could hold and the rain began to fall.  It was time to go anyway, so I quickly packed up my cameras and headed back to the church building to spend the evening taking photos during Vacation Bible School.  I’m wrapping up the day writing today’s page and then it is time to get some sleep to get ready for a similar day tomorrow.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Looking ahead to see the possibilities of a day helps me set an appropriate pace to accomplish what needs done.
  • Leaders don’t always carry a title of leader.
  • Whether you notice or not, someone is probably watching your actions and following your example — that would make you a leader to them.
  • How you lead people will say a lot about how you follow Christ.
  • Man’s ways are not God’s ways and many time we must choose which way we will follow.
  • While dark clouds will generally produce rain, there is often much that can be done before the impending darkness turns to rain.
  • If you expect the seeds of the gospel to germinate in the lives of others, you must have regular contact with both the Word of God and those who need its life-giving “pollen”.


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