2017: Page 13

Page 13 began in the typical Friday fashion with the cleaning and building prep necessary for the start of the school day.  The outside temperature remained below freezing, so yesterday’s freezing rain continued to cling to the tree branches with an appearance of glittering diamonds once the sun came out this morning.  While I was off work yesterday the first shipment of books for the upcoming camp conference arrived, so I spent time this morning making sure they were printed as expected.  After confirming that the boxes of books were what I had ordered, I finished up some of the travel arrangements for the conference and then worked on some of the ongoing writing projects that I have in process.  As I worked, the birds began to make their way from the depths of the woods to the outer edges where they were much more noticeable so I grabbed my camera and began to shoot some of the different birds that stopped by.  I had my usual collection of cardinals, robins, and finches as well as an occasional blue jay this morning and then about a half dozen bluebirds arrived for a short time period.  The bluebirds seemed fascinated with a dead tree that the woodpeckers had filled with holes.  Today’s photo is of a bluebird checking out one of the holes while another bluebird waited its turn.

While the day started out fairly typical for a Friday, I knew it was not going to stay that way so by early afternoon I headed home to eat some lunch and then take my family to Potato Creek for an afternoon walk.  After the 3 1/2 mile walk, it was back home to get ready to head to a ball game at the high school MJ and I graduated from back in 1981.  I was thinking I may not have been back to the school since graduation, but then realized I had not only gone to a few events to support students when I was doing youth ministry in Etna Green, but the high school was also where we went to vote when we lived in Bourbon so it has only been 16 years or so since I was last in the building. 🙂  I don’t follow sports of any level very much, so to head to a high school gym for a basketball game just doesn’t happen.  But tonight was different.  Tonight as a double-header of the girls and boys varsity teams playing in what was designated as “Ball Like Bre” memorial games.  The money raised at the game and through t-shirt sales prior to the game was presented to my brother and his family for the Breanna Lemler Scholarship Fund.  It was good to be there in support of my family and in memory of Bre, but there also ended up being some good basketball played with Triton winning both the girls and boys games.  While heading to the games means that I will have to do my Friday night cleaning some time tomorrow, it was well worth it.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • The desire for “more” often ends up causing us to have less.
  • It is best to “do good” at the first opportunity you have rather than wait and discover that the first opportunity might have been the only opportunity.
  • It is fun to watch the birds take turns and even more fascinating when I consider how difficult it can be to get people to take turns.
  • For me, there isn’t much that can come close to being as relaxing as a long walk in the woods.
  • Watching how God provides for the wildlife encourages me to trust His ability and desire to provide for me.
  • Because everyone is a unique individual created by God, each of us face and deal with loss in our own way.  
  • Going home isn’t always easy but there are times when home is where we’re supposed to be.


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