2016: Page 73

It is my understanding that the official Daylight Savings Time “moving the clock forward an hour” took place at 2 AM this morning — which immediately became 3 AM.  My awareness of page 73 began with a not so gentle whisper coming up the stairway.  “Mom.”  “Mo-om.”  “Mommm.”  I’m not sure how many other variations were called out until I realized that I wasn’t dreaming.  As I’m not a mom, it’s a lot easier to ignore that call if I’m dreaming.  When I realize I’m awake however, I understand Susan likely had a seizure and is coming out of it in a fearful state of mind and needs help and reassurance.  As I got out of bed to help her I noticed that my clock, which I hadn’t changed the night before, said 2 AM and I thought about the hour that just passed before my eyes.  After getting her settled in our room for the rest of the night we all try to go back to sleep and I think we made it there for a while.  Later, before it was time to wake up and get ready for church, an active seizure took hold of Susan and woke us all up.  After she got through it, we all eventually got some rest and made it up for the morning worship service at church and we’ve had a pretty uneventful day until the seizures returned this evening.

It seems like the days where rest is in short supply are the days I have the greatest realization of the beauty of rest.  While I realize that the dormancy of certain plants and trees in the winter doesn’t necessarily mean nothing is going on, I enjoy the simple beauty of the winter scene of rest.  One of my favorite winter scenes at Potato Creek State Park is from a trail overlooking the lake with a small tree standing on the shoreline.  The tree has what I call character as it bends and curves and stretches this way and that.  It is in this season of rest that I notice a beauty that is usually concealed by a bushy looking growth through spring, summer, and fall.  It is in times of rest that the true beauty that God has put within us can be seen.  When the bushy growth of busyness, schedules, and keeping up appearances are all stripped away, we can rest fully in the simple beauty of God’s grace.  

It is in this season of rest that the tree actually highlights the beauty that lies beyond it.  The crystal clear water beyond the tree reflects the sun, clouds and trees surrounding the lake.  Aircraft vapor trails cross the blue sky and reflect off the water below.  It is when we are willing to step back and rest that the true beauty that lies beyond us can be seen.  As we rest in God’s grace, His love reflects off the crystal clear waters of our baptism and into our life to be seen by the people around us.  When we stand in rest, we draw the attention of people to the true beauty of God that we draw our rest from.

I pray that you and I would see beauty in the rest God calls us to.  I pray that our times of rest would be useful tools in helping people see the beauty of God from which we draw our strength.  I pray that it is always God’s beauty that we seek to make known whether we are at rest or fully engaged in the work at hand.  


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