2016: Page 74

Page 74 happens to be the first Monday since the weekend time change so it felt like I was heading into work even earlier than what I’ve gotten used to.  Now it was back to doing my morning cleaning and building prep routine without any light coming through the windows.  By the time school was ready to begin for the day and I was taking the trash out, the cardinals were singing their morning songs but dawn had not arrived yet.  Once the building was ready I settled into my Monday morning routine of spending time with God putting together the prayer guide for the following week.  Once the prayer guide was finished I worked on more of the daily devotions for the “Devotions For Those Who Serve” series I am writing.  The work day was rounded out with a lunch meeting and some follow-up to some ongoing maintenance projects

By late afternoon, the sky was still overcast but I decided to head down to Potato Creek to do some hiking and photographing as I spend time with God surrounded by the beauty of His creation.  When I got there I was told I had just missed the eagle.  That is always a little disappointing to hear, but there is always beauty to be found with or without the eagles.  I did about 3 miles and 40 photos before calling it a day at the park and heading home where I pulled out the wood pellet grill and made bacon cheeseburgers for supper.  The hour of darkness I worked in this morning was now an extra hour of daylight after we finished eating so we headed to downtown Mishawaka for a family walk along the river.  Here I did about 3 miles and 48 photos to wrap up the day.

I love digital photography because it helps me capture and share the beauty that God surrounds us with.  When I return from an outing and find I have 40, 50, 100, even several hundred photos, I realize quickly that this wouldn’t likely happen if I had to use a film camera and develop all the photos just to see what they looked like.  I know there are people who use the technology of digital photography for evil and sinful things — but that doesn’t make the tool evil.  The same can be said for much of the technology that exists today.  I hear people all the time talk about the evil of social media, of video games, of the internet in general, and of pretty much any form of technology you want to talk about.  Yet all of them are simply tools — granted there are some pretty wicked things being done with many of these technology tools, but there are also some pretty amazing ministry things being done with them.  When we see people misusing something, especially when using it in a harmful way, we often seek to ban the thing being misused rather than learn and teach how to use if correctly and effectively for God’s glory.

My prayer in all of my online and social media presence, as well as my writing and photography, is that God is honored and lifted up.  I pray that you and I would think through everything we post, share, and like online to evaluate how it reflects on our relationship with God.  I pray that we not stoop to the level of the world when it comes to the way we interact with others whether in person or online.  I pray that each day we would spend time recognizing the beauty of God which surrounds us, and that we would then find ways to share it.  As page 74 neared its end and was about to be turned, I captured a piece of that beauty and I share it here with you.


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