Do not be afraid
      but take courage now.
It’s a message from God
      yet we wonder how.
Sometimes life is full
      of things that cause fear.
We’re so overwhelmed
      that God we don’t hear.
We should not be alone
      when we are afraid.
We have His Spirit
      and the friends we have made.

Sometimes we forget
      the friends God will give.
He puts them around us
      to help as we live.
A cord of three strands
      is not easily broken.
It’s not only true,
      it’s what God has spoken.
Everyone needs help
      when we get knocked down.
To pick us up gently
      and straighten our frown.

It is a good thing
      when we have each other.
To carry the load
      as sister and brother.
When one who is weak
      is helped by the strong.
It gives us great hope
      that we all do belong.
Sometimes we’re strong
      and sometimes we’re not.
It shouldn’t matter
      if a good friend we’ve got.

To carry a burden
      as if it’s our own.
Is a godly result
      of the seed that was sown.
My life’s not an island,
      I don’t live it alone.
When friends do surround me,
      each other we hone.
As we sharpen each other
      at work and at play.
We look more like Jesus
      each and every day.

So what’s growing in you
      as you look around?
Will you pick up a brother
      when he’s on the ground?
To help those who help you,
      is only a start.
To love the forgotten,
      you must open your heart.
And as your heart opens
      to let others in.
God’s courage will fill you
      and a victory you’ll win.

Before fear takes over
      and courage does end.
Take a good look around
      at who you call friend.
This may be a time
      when they really need you.
It’s also a time
      when you need them too.
So when fear arrives
      take a good look above.
And thank God for friends
      who show you His love.

I attended a ministers’ prayer time and fellowship this morning that I am privileged to be a part of every two weeks.  As I was thinking about the encouragement I receive from these guys, as well as the Deer Run congregation, I was praying that God would use me to encourage them as much as they encourage me.  As I was praying, God put this poem in my mind to share.  I pray that it encourages you and brings glory to God.

In prayer,

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