2016: Page 75

As I continue to view each day as a page in my life waiting to be written, I come to page 75 today.  The overnight hours leading up to the start of the day were rather restless.  I’m not sure why, but I just couldn’t stay asleep.  By the time I finally felt comfortable and thought I might be able to get some sleep with nothing aching or bothering me, it was time to get up and head to work.  As I did my morning cleaning work, I reached a point when I realized the building was remaining quiet well beyond the usual time of people arriving.  As I got ready to take out the trash, I stopped and checked the “closings/delays” listing on the local news channel website.  As I scroll down through the page, I see that the school is on a two-hour delay so I guess my early start to the day wasn’t all that necessary.

Anyhow, the cleaning was done and the building was quiet so it was time to work on the missions accounting and correspondence for the church.  It is always a joy to go through the reports and correspondence from the missions we help support.  It is an encouragement to know that we are a part of the greater work being done for the kingdom worldwide.  In addition to the missions committee work, I did some supply inventory and ordering as well as some computer research for the church.  As I start feeling hungry, I realize it is already after two and my early start to the day has turned into a long day without lunch.  As I pack up my things and head home, it is hard to tell if the cloud cover is trying to leave the sky or overtake it.

After I got home, it became apparent that the clouds were leaving rather than coming so we headed down to Potato Creek for a family hike on the trails.  As I thought about the unknown sky, it reminded me of how life often goes.  Many days it is difficult at first glance to tell if the clouds in my life are increasing or decreasing.  It often takes a “wider lens” view to have the perspective needed to view each day accurately.  Just as the day’s weather often changes looks, the atmosphere of our life can be just as deceiving if we judge what the day will become based on a 5-second look.  When I was uncertain about whether the clouds were coming or going, I was very tempted to sit at home and probably accomplish very little.  By taking the time to gain proper perspective, I was able to enjoy a view at Potato Creek that I never get tired of.  When uncertainty fills my spirit, it is through time with God in prayer and His Word that I regain His perspective and enjoy a view of life that never grows old.

I pray that you and I would always seek to view our circumstances and experiences through the eternal perspective that comes through a relationship with Jesus.  I pray that we would not get so wrapped up with the momentary here and now that we miss the peace and joy that God wants to fill us with through His Spirit.  I pray that my life would constantly reflect the beauty of Christ as I allow Him to fill me with a purpose that is well beyond myself.


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