2017: Page 14

After a long day yesterday filled with variety, today was primarily a day of rest.  After sleeping in this morning, I got up and began the day with a cup of coffee as I checked email messages and caught up on social media posts.  One of the first email messages that I read was confirmation that Impact Prayer Ministry was registered to have a display at the Christian Camp & Conference Association (CCCA) super-sectional conference in March.  With my latest book being a collection of 13 weeks of daily devotions written with camp staff in mind, it will be the resource I feature at both the upcoming Christian Camp Leaders (CCL) conference later this month and the CCCA conference in March.  

As I spent time going through photos from yesterday, the photo for today’s page grabbed my attention.  The sun was still fairly high in the late afternoon sky but the cloud cover and haze in the air gave the feeling of a much later time than what it actually was.  It made me think  of how often appearances can be deceiving.  The haze of life often distorts our vision and gives us the impression that our circumstances are either different than what they really are, or unchangeable, or both.  The spiritual warfare that surrounds us is led by an enemy that wants to keep us in a state of confusion as he attempts to convince us that our situation is hopeless.  Yet even in the murky atmosphere of spiritual war, God’s Word is a light than can overpower any darkness.  We can live in hope, not because we have it easy or because we are strong, but because we have a God who has already overcome our greatest foe.

The afternoon included a trip to Sam’s Club followed by some rest before pulling the pellet grill out of the garage to smoke some pork chops for dinner.  After dinner I sat down to reflect on the day and write today’s page.  Reflection can be good as long as it teaches us lessons that need to be learned and propels us forward.  For me, I have to be very careful or times of reflection can pull me backward into the past rather than teach me how to move forward through the present.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Emotionally charged events can be as exhaustive, or more so, than intense physical activity.
  • Sometimes an idea will enter your mind that is difficult to free yourself of . . . take that idea and wrap it in prayer as you allow God to bring it to fruition.
  • While rewarding, obedience to God isn’t always easy.
  • When your outlook appears hazy, spend more time focused on the light than on the haze.
  • What God gives you is His gift to you.  What you do with it is your gift to Him.
  • Spend time with God learning from your day and then follow Him forward.


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