2018: Page 79

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • With a long day ahead of me, I was up early and headed to work under a beautiful star-filled sky.
  • When a view like this morning shows up, I almost always find myself starting the day with the hymn lyrics, “O, Lord my God.  When I in awesome wonder . . . ” — today was no exception.
  • It was a great song to fill my mind as I went about the morning cleaning and building prep tasks as it reminded me of the incredible God we have — “Then sings my soul!  My savior, God, to Thee!  How great Thou art! How great Thou art!”
  • It is always good to be reminded, in the midst of any task, of how great our God is.
  • Once the building was ready, I packed the prayer ministry display materials in the truck and was about ready to leave when some guys showed up to service a piece of equipment in the building.  So, back inside to let them into where they needed to be and keep track of their presence in the building.
  • Once I was actually able to begin my trip to the camp conference where I would set up the prayer ministry display, I had very little “cushion” left for what I had planned to be a “stop with God” along the way.  I always like to be able to stop for in a quiet setting of nature for a time to help calm my spirit and align it with God’s Spirit before I begin a time of talking with people about the prayer ministry.
  • After a quick look at the map, I changed my plans and my route and made a ten minute stop at Potato Creek as it was along a route that would keep me out of the high-traffic areas during morning rush hour.
  • Even with such a limited time available, it was amazing to see the variety of wildlife that God allowed me to catch sight of to encourage and calm me.  One of my favorites was an eagle perched where I could see it from my truck and after I was able to get one photo of it where it sat, it rose up on the wings of an eagle and soared out over the lake.
  • Ahhhh . . . to wait upon the Lord in order to rise up on wings like eagles.
  • I did make it to the conference in time to get the display set up and jump right into an afternoon of great conversations with camp staff about prayer in both their person life and in their camp ministry.
  • The wind had been howling fiercely all afternoon, so I decided to take the long way home and see if I could find any snowy owls and check out the waves on Lake Michigan.
  • I found no snowy owls and was surprised that while the lake surface was rather “choppy”, the wind wasn’t as strong along the lake and the waves weren’t crashing over the lighthouse as I had anticipated.
  • While I didn’t find what I had hoped to see and photograph, that doesn’t mean the trip was wasted.  God continues to supply beautiful scenes full of glimpses of His glory wherever I go if I’m willing to pay attention.
  • It was late when I finally arrived home, so after going through the photos from the day I headed to bed and left the day’s page to be written the next morning.
  • Today’s photo section of the page will contain two photos.  The first is of the eagle I saw in the morning.  I had zoomed in to get a close-up shot and just as I pressed the shutter release, the eagle took off.  The second photo was taken after dark so I could get the lights on the light houses.  I shot it on a 10 second exposure and it’s amazing at how a longer perspective smooths out the rough waters of the lake.  Perhaps if I would learn to look at life with a longer perspective, the rough areas wouldn’t seem so rough.



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