2017: Page 12

Page 12 began with my going to bed shortly after midnight following a late workday on Wednesday.  It seemed like I had barely fallen asleep when I was awakened by the sound of Susan having a seizure.  After sitting up with her until the seizure had passed and she was ready to go back to sleep, I headed back to bed only to be awakened some time later by round two.  The winter thunderstorms rolling through outside seemed to have their own version rolling through Susan’s brain and body.  After round two for the night was over, we went back to sleep until I was awakened by a phone call around 9 AM.  As I was on the phone, Susan sat up in bed all smiley and happy like she had just had the best night’s sleep ever.  Somehow she gets through the seizures with no memories of them and often appears to be less worn out from the lack of sleep than MJ and I are.  

After helping Susan get ready for the day and getting breakfast for her, I spent much of the morning working on details for my upcoming trip to the Christian Camp Leaders Conference.  By late morning I pulled out the pellet grill and got it going to make bacon cheeseburgers for lunch.  Throughout the early morning hours the temperature had fallen so the rain was freezing onto most exposed surfaces.  As lunch cooked on the grill, I grabbed my camera and tried my hand at shooting some of the ice-covered scenes.  Today’s photo is of one of the few maple leaves still clinging to the tree in our back yard.  As the rain ran down its surface and off the edges, the water would freeze as if teardrops mourning the loss of life.  Yet within this ongoing process there is a beauty that reflects a portion of its creator.

After lunch I spent the afternoon resting in a fashion while trying not to rest to the point I wouldn’t sleep tonight.  Last night’s late start and interrupted sleep was catching up with me but I knew I would need a good night’s sleep tonight in order to function at work tomorrow.  It is interesting, because I had given very serious thought yesterday of just coming home from work after the mid-week classes and going in this morning.  It ended up being good for both Susan and me to go ahead and work late so I could stay with her this morning.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Adrenaline can be a helpful thing when your body supplies it in an appropriate time in the proper level.  
  • The influence of adrenaline takes longer to dissipate than it does to activate.
  • For a person susceptible to anxiety/stress/panic attacks, multiple events in a short amount of time that produce increased adrenaline can be somewhat overwhelming.
  • God knows what we need and desires to give it to us even when we are confused about what our real needs are.
  • God is not limited in what He can use to display His beauty and creativity.  He often uses things such as dead leaves and inconvenient weather to show He can make beauty out of whatever He desires — including you and me.
  • After a conversation the other night, I thought today about some of the physical scars that I carry on my body.  Each one is a reminder of an injury that has healed but even in the healing the reminders of what happened never leave me.


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