2017: Page 11

With Christmas break over and a return to a more regular routine, page 11 brings back the long mid-week workday.  The day began at 6 in the morning and I’m writing this as I wait for the building to clear out after our Wednesday evening Bible studies so I can do the cleaning for tomorrow.  The staying late is my choice, though, because that means I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow.  The day began with the typical cleaning, taking out the trash, and getting the building ready before the start of the school day.  When that was done, I continued my work from yesterday of getting annual reports completed for the Deer Run missions and for Impact Prayer Ministry.  I also spent some time working on options for using some of my photos as wall art for conference door prize drawings.  As i worked, a squirrel stood in the grass outside my office window seeming to be begging for food.  He didn’t seem to like my movement and by the time I had my camera out he had headed for the nearest tree where he found a good spot from which to keep an eye on me.

With my next prayer ministry representation coming up soon and scheduled for Gatlinburg, I needed to make sure the fires that swept through the area last fall hadn’t disrupted the scheduled plans.  The publicly posted information was somewhat confusing to me as it still included a letter from the conference planners about the possibility of not being able to have it at the originally scheduled location.  After checking with them and finding out everything is a go as planned, I turned my attention to filling out the paperwork to have displays at events in March and April.  Once those forms were ready, it was time to grab a late lunch and drop them in the mail.  While I was out, I picked up some supplies in case I needed to teach a children’s class tonight and then made my way back to work to finish up the day.  I didn’t think I was scheduled to teach tonight but had forgotten to confirm that, so it was better to be ready than not.  🙂

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Routine as a concept is neutral.  If it’s a good routine, it is good.  If it is a bad routine, it is bad.
  • Good routines, or habits, develop good character.  Godly routines, or habits, develop godly character.  There is a difference between good and godly.
  • Most of us are willing to settle for our version of good while God desires that we pursue godliness with contentment.
  • Every Christian has a part in the sharing of the gospel.  How are you and I doing in faithfully fulfilling our God-given role?
  • Sometimes I’m sure my attention to detail is a blessing and sometimes I’m sure it is a curse.  I worry at times about what those who I end up bugging about confirmation of the details think.
  • It is difficult to have a big picture, detail oriented mind when so few want to know all the things that they are not even considering will happen as a result of their decisions.
  • Faithfulness to God is perhaps the highest calling we could attain to and should radically influence the way we do every detail of life.


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