2017: Page 10

It snowed overnight so page 10 began with the early morning clearing of the sidewalks at work.  The temperature was just above freezing and it had begun to drizzle so clearing the light coating of snow had more to do with keeping the soon to be made slush from being tracked into the building.  Once the outside work was done, it was time to head inside and take care of the cleaning and building prep for the day.  After the building was ready and the trash taken out, today was a day to pull out my “accounting hat” and work on year end reports for the church missions account and for Impact Prayer Ministry.  Each year as I look back on the work God has accomplished through the prayer ministry, I also look forward to what it might take if God were to make it possible for me to focus on the prayer ministry full time.  In 2016, God provided just over $10,000 which made it possible to provide prayer-based books, resources, and teaching at a variety of conferences and churches.  I know that is just a start to what God could do through Impact Prayer Ministry, so I continue to pray about His timing and provision and trust that He will continue to lead based on His perfect will and knowledge.  An estimated annual budget if God was to open up the windows of heaven and pour out the finances necessary to devote full-time work with Impact Prayer Ministry would be $50,000.  Until He makes it clear that it is time to do that, and provided the funds to do so, I am thankful for the work He provides for me at Deer Run that allows me to both earn a living and direct the prayer ministry.

As the work day continued, I did some inventory and ordered some janitorial supplies that are needed.  For some reason I was a day off, but I though today was my mom’s birthday so I called her to wish her a happy birthday and arranged to meet her and dad for dinner this evening.  Her birthday is actually tomorrow, which wouldn’t have worked as well to get together so I guess it was good that I had the date mixed up in my mind. 🙂

The wind was blowing mighty fierce through most of the day, but there was a brief time where the weather seemed pleasant and the birds showed up outside my office window to continue the work of harvesting the berries.  The bright red of the male cardinal is easily noticeable and I end up with a lot of photos of them, but I have to look closely to see the females that have also shown up for food.  Today’s photo is of a female cardinal that appears to have a nearly perfect camouflage for hiding in the brush among the berries.  It made me think about the way people sometimes try to live the Christian life.  There are times when we will stand out and be known as Christians.  In those times, it is important that we truly stand out for being Christ-like rather than standing out for being hateful, or angry, or vengeful, or anything but Christ.  There are other times when we will likely feel we are nearly invisible.  It is then that we must ask if that is so because we are being “all things to all people in order to win some”, or if it is because we have hidden our light under a covering.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • A thin layer of heavy, wet snow is takes more work to clear than a deeper layer of light, fluffy snow.
  • Sometimes you can let a problem take care of itself, but other times doing so will just cause you more work somewhere else.
  • It is okay to think, and dream, and plan as long as you’re okay with God directing what actually happens.
  • I have a greater level of contentment when I realize that my thoughts, dreams, and plans don’t have to become reality in order to fulfill God’s thoughts, dreams, and plans.
  • God has given me a great family and it is a blessing to still be able to enjoy a meal with my mom and dad.
  • Godly wisdom helps us to represent Christ in the way that is most appropriate for whatever situation we are in.


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