2016: Page 13

It was a rather brisk morning to clear the overnight dusting of snow off the walks before heading inside to clean.  With the temperature falling below zero, I bundled up well and found myself singing, “Now wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.  Whiter than snow, yes, whiter than snow.”  The words of the old hymn echoing through my soul made the task not only tolerable, but enjoyable.  Jesus said that it is out of the overflow of the heart that the mouth speaks.  People and circumstances may plant various things in my life, but what I cultivate and allow to grow in my heart is my choice.

With the arrival of the snow and its ugly companion, salt, the floors needed more attention than usual.  Winter seems to compound my need for an early start to work as I get up earlier to clear snow before cleaning, yet the cleaning itself takes longer so I get up even earlier to try to be done by the students arrival.  As I clean, I realize the building seems to be cooling down so a quick check on the boiler shows that it decided to shut itself off.  After a few times of resetting it only to have it shut back off after another 15 to 20 minutes, it was time to call the repairman.  As I waited on him, I spent some time researching our heating system in an attempt to have a better understanding of how to provide a more balanced heat throughout the building.  The arrival of the repairman got us going and gave me more information about how our heating system works.

Some days it is very tempting to let the circumstances win.  On those days, as on all days, it is critical to look for God’s “way of escape” from the temptation.  Look even more carefully at the reminders God puts around you of His love and care.  During the hard and unpleasant tasks, allow Him to fill you with His presence through a heart filled with scripture and praise.  As with my boiler, realize there are times that you need even more help than usual.  Don’t be afraid to ask God, and the people He has put around you, to help you through the difficult times of life.

As the work day approached its end, more snow began falling.  Even knowing that it meant more work to come, the beauty outside my window was another reminder of God’s wonderful creativity.


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