2018: Page 73

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • The day began with a light dusting of snow that looked like it shouldn’t cause any problems.  The problem was underneath the snow where a layer of ice covered most roads and sidewalks.
  • The snow dusted off of the truck easily, but as I backed out of the drive to head to work the truck kept moving backwards momentarily even after I shifted into drive.
  • Just because there is an appearance of everything being okay, doesn’t mean that it is.  Sometimes danger lurks just below a very shallow facade.
  • It can be easy to pass judgment based on what we see, but it is through experience that we begin to learn the truth of a situation.
  • When I arrived at work I cleared the layer of snow from the sidewalks which exposed the ice and allowed the ice melt I would put down to work more effectively.
  • Sometimes even when the appearance of something looks good, we have to undo the appearance so we can most effectively deal with the reality of what’s underneath.
  • After taking care of the outside work, I turned my attention to the inside cleaning and building prep for the day.  I had an old song running through my mind as I worked.  It was fascinating because I remember it being a song I hadn’t thought of in a lot of years and I remember thinking both how profound it was and how corny it was . . . and now I can’t remember anything about it other than that.
  • It is remarkable how truths planted in my mind in various ways when I was a child continue to influence me even today.  I am thankful for so many who planted good seeds.
  • I had a few maintenance tasks that needed taken care of in addition to the usual cleaning and prep, so even with an early start I was pushing it to have the building ready for the start of the school day . . . but I made it.  🙂
  • As I went about my morning tasks, my woodpecker and chipmunk friends both showed up to check on the hole that had been created in the tree outside my office window.  It was fun watching them “discuss” ownership of this prime “real estate” and I’m not too sure they really reached a conclusion as to who would call this hole home.
  • As I had opportunity, I spent some time during the day working on the next chapter of my current writing project.  Today’s writing focused on some different aspects of serving with gentleness.
  • Since gentleness is a part of the fruit of God’s Spirit, it is a trait that ought to be growing in the life of every believer whether it comes naturally or not.
  • After a late lunch I headed home and eventually headed out on a family adventure to Potato Creek where we walked a couple trails. 
  • Today’s photo is of the woodpecker in the midst of its discussion with the chipmunk.  


2 thoughts on “2018: Page 73

  1. Your first 6 bullet points read like a metaphor for self improvement through resolution of long hidden trauma… Seems this whole post is about conflict resolution! Man vs. nature, feuding neighbors – all good stuff!

    • Thanks! I suppose winter and I are in some sort of a conflict over its departure date, so it is probably fitting my writing would sound like conflict resolution. 😀

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