2018: Page 74

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • The stars were shining brightly in the night sky as I headed to work this morning.  The clear sky not only meant a beautiful view, it also meant no fresh snow to deal with. 🙂
  • By the time I got to work the clouds had begun to dot the sky, so after getting the morning cleaning started I set up my camera to time-lapse the sunrise then I went back to the cleaning while it did its thing.  
  • When set in time-lapse mode, my camera will shoot a frame every 10 seconds and create a video that puts 50 minutes of real time into 10 seconds.  A lot can change in 50 minutes, so sometimes it captures a great sunrise and other times not so much.  Today was one that ended up being pretty spectacular as there was the right mix of clouds to capture some stunning color from the rising sun.
  • After the cleaning was done and the building was ready for the day I went out to collect my camera and take a few still shots of the beautiful sunrise.
  • As I went about my morning work, as I could I also continued work on the writing of the next book I’m working on.
  • Today’s writing was still focused on serving with gentleness and one of the topics I wrote about today was gentleness with our words.
  • God says that a gentle answer turns away wrath, so a gentleness in our words ought to help bring peace as we serve.
  • Using gentle words doesn’t mean we fail to address serious issues, it just means we do so in a manner that is filled with gentleness rather than harshness.
  • As the morning turned into afternoon, I headed out to pick up a friend and take him to lunch.  
  • Life isn’t lived in a vacuum, so it is interesting to watch how my writing helps my time with people and how my time with people helps my writing.
  • After lunch I headed down to Potato Creek to spend some time sitting with God in the midst of creation . . . I was going to say the quietness of creation, but it definitely wasn’t quiet sitting along the lake. 🙂
  • Even though it wasn’t quiet, for me the sounds of nature are peaceful sounds compared to the sounds of the city.
  • Today’s photo is actually a pair of photos — one of the morning sunrise and one from my time sitting along the lake. 



2 thoughts on “2018: Page 74

  1. It turned out to be a beautiful day with the sun shining and the sky looking very blue! When I think of speaking with gentleness I always think of Mr. Rodgers. He spoke about difficult topics with a calmness and gentleness that made things so much less scary – for children and adults!

    • Yes, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. 🙂 Mr Rodgers is a great example of speaking with gentleness. I also think of my dad when I think of a person using gentle words . . . granted, he doesn’t usually speak unless he has to, but perhaps there is a connection between always having to say something and not always being gentle with our words. 🙂

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