2016: Page 12

After missing it completely just a few days ago, the weather forecasts were pretty confident the snow was coming this time so I was up at 5 in the morning and sure enough, the snow had begun.  That seems to be the key word for the day, begun, as the snow kept coming throughout the day.  The sidewalks were cleared, school was delayed, the sidewalks were cleared again, and then cleared a couple more times before the day was done.  It didn’t seem to amount to a whole lot, maybe 4 to 6 inches total, but it came at a steady enough rate to keep things messy — but also enough to cover everything with a clean, glistening coat of white!  Perspective makes a lot of difference.  The snow that was causing a lot of work and difficulty in travel was also creating great beauty and peaceful scenes.  The one I focused on had much more to do with me than with it.

Many of the situations we face in life are like that, aren’t they?  The process may seem messy and troublesome but when we step back and take a clearer look, particularly through the perspective of God’s Word, we begin to see a growing scene that is filled with beauty.  Paul looks at the troubles he faces in life and writes to the Corinthians that such things are but “light and momentary troubles” compared to the overwhelming glory that belongs to the children of God.

After dealing with the mess part of the snow all day, I made a quick trip to Potato Creek State Park to enjoy the beauty of the snow.  While only 15 minutes away from work, it really is a world away.  As the lake effect snow bands had shifted to the north and east, the sky cleared over the park and I made it there in time to catch the setting sun.  As I gazed across the frozen lake, an eagle soared above the trees in the distance — this time too far away for even my best zoom to capture his photo.  A quick one mile hike on a snow-covered trail allowed me a good view of the sun setting over one of the wetland areas.  As I stood to take it all in, both visually and photographically, a great sense of peace filled me as I witnessed and took notice of a small piece of God’s creative handiwork.  As I take photos and share them with people, I try to constantly remind them that God has given us the opportunity to glimpse the beauty of His glory all around us if we were to simply be still and open our hearts and minds to His presence.  So, I’ll leave you with one of the scenes that God left me with as page 12 of this calendar year came to a close.

DSCN6428 (2)

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