2016: Page 14

Earthdate: 20160114  —  These are the ramblings of one traveler’s journey on earth as he makes his way toward a heavenly home.

Sometimes the day to day routine becomes so routine that it is easy to miss both the lessons and the beauty of the day.  It was another early morning to clear the dusting of snow that fell overnight.  Once inside, the floors needed extra attention again along with the normal daily cleaning tasks.  Each lap around the hallway with the floor scrubber restored one more row of floor tile to a clean shine.  Now if only I could play the Tom Sawyer role and convince people to come in and do these laps as part of a fitness routine . . ..  🙂

After getting the building ready for the day, I went back to some research on the building’s heating systems.  As I began that, I was called in to rescue a computer that was continually crashing.  After a few attempts at some simple adjustments and settings, it became apparent that the only hope that this computer had for a return to normal function was to go in and restore it to be like it was designed.  Over the years it had accumulated files, programs, and settings that were causing internal conflicts and making the computer non-functional.  Out come the recovery discs and the selection to “restore to factory settings”.  

Sometimes we need that . . . and I’m not just talking about our computers!  God gives us a chance every day to pull out the “recovery discs” of His Word and the restoration He offers through His Son, Jesus.  I’m guessing it is not just my life that accumulates files, programs, and settings that cause internal conflict.  Most of the time this accumulation is just a little bit here and a little bit there.  It is so subtle that we don’t even realize we are not living the productive Christian life that we once did — and that we were designed to do.  Daily time in God’s Word is critical to understanding the desire God has for us to live a life that reflects His righteousness.  Our time in prayer keeps the communication open as we listen to God for help in making the changes that He would have us do.  Our repentance is the change of mind necessary to turn from the things we let clutter our lives so that we can pursue God fully.

As the clouds scattered, the sun made an appearance as the temperatures began to rise.  With the bright sunshine, the underbrush outside my window became filled with cardinals enjoying a beautiful winter day.  It seems even they have been “restored” by the light God shines upon the earth.


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