2018: Page 43

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • When it snows over a weekend it can feel like there wasn’t a weekend, but these written pages help remind me of how God has blessed me with a good way to help support my family and the ministry He has given me to do.
  • Whatever we’re in the midst of is rarely viewed objectively while we’re in it.
  • It was a bitterly cold start to the day which made the stars seem even brighter in the clear night sky.
  • When I’m able to remove distractions and “chill out”, God always appears closer and brighter to me.
  • With the cold temps I was thankful there wasn’t a lot that needed done outside to start the day . . . cleaned up a few icy spots on the sidewalks and that was it.
  • My morning cleaning and building prep was also the beginning of my prayer time regarding the writing of next week’s prayer guide.
  • When the building was ready for the day, I settled in with God and a few topics I thought were good things to pray about.  There were many others, but these were the ones that my earlier prayer time had narrowed the list down to in my mind.
  • As I prayerfully considered each topic and some scripture references for them, I eventually settled on the topic of “Answer”.
  • Many people familiar with the Bible have heard its instruction to “always be ready to give an answer”.  What is often missed is that the context has to do with giving an answer for the hope we have in the midst of difficult times and what feels like unjust treatment.
  • As with most things, God’s concern about our answers begins at the heart of the matter and not just on the technical wording of a response.
  • I think of the rich young ruler who could give a “good answer”, but went away sorrowful because his heart was not ready to live that answer.
  • My morning was filled with the writing, formatting, and scheduling for publication of the prayer guide.  As I worked and the sun began to moderate the outside temperature a little bit, some of the birds ventured out to spend some time outside my office window.
  • By afternoon I had some technical work to do with tracking down some components in our building network.  I enjoy the IT work but it can be a challenge to my mind as I don’t work in it on a regular basis.
  • Even the enjoyment we find in our time with God can seem challenging if we aren’t spending that time with Him on a regular basis.
  • After a mid-afternoon lunch I made it home and relaxed for a short time before deciding to head out for an evening family adventure.
  • We drove past a couple areas where we have seen snowy owls but we weren’t able to find them on this trip.
  • With plenty of sunshine and blue sky, we headed to the beach to get some photographs and do some walking.  With the snow still rather deep, the walking was more of a workout than usual.
  • We spent some time at our first beach-front stop but needed to spend time in the truck warming up before the sun actually set, so we drove down the shoreline to photograph the sunset at another location.
  • The sunset was incredible and by the time we made it home I found I had shot over 200 photos during our evening excursion. 🙂
  • When we really take in the beauty of God that He surrounds us with, it is almost impossible not to want more of it.
  • It was late enough when we got home that I spent some time going through the photos from the day and left the actual writing of this page until the next morning.
  • Today’s photo is actually today’s photos as I couldn’t decide. 🙂  In the first one I thought I was taking a photo of a blue jay and then found that there was a second one peering in from the side having a conversation.  The other photo is one of the sunset photos from Weko Beach in Bridgman, Michigan.



One thought on “2018: Page 43

  1. Great photos. I had 2 blue jays having an argument in the trees in my front yard as I shoveled the driveway. I always associated jays with summer but they do stick around all winter! The crux of the problem is exactly that – hearing the clear instruction but not willing to follow!

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