2018: Page 42

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • I was awake early to see if it had snowed overnight and it had.  
  • Forecasts and predictions are great, and even useful at times, but they’re not sure things.
  • The side windows of my truck were iced over fairly significantly but the snow covering the windshield kept me from having to scrape it as well.
  • As I headed into work to clear the new layer of snow from the sidewalks, I arrived just after the plow company began clearing the parking lot.
  • Clearing snow with a layer of ice on top is much easier than dealing with ice that is frozen onto bare concrete and pavement.
  • When we allow things to adhere to our lives, it becomes much more difficult to remove them than if we were to deal with them before they “take root”.
  • I found myself whistling a tune again as I ran the snowblower.  I used to whistle a lot more than I have recently but never really thought about it until now.  And no, I don’t remember what tune I was whistling this morning.
  • To me, whistling is a happy sound.  Perhaps I’m happier than I realize when I’m running the snowblower.  🙂
  • Once the walks were clear I went inside to warm up with a mug of coffee.  As I drank my coffee a pair of cardinals showed up outside my office window long enough for me to get a couple photos and then they flew off.
  • We had a guest preacher during our church gathering as the missionary to the Philippines that we help support was in town.
  • The weather seemed to have kept quite a few people away this morning, but it was a great time of worship and Bible teaching.
  • Brett’s message was focused on being sent. 
    • It’s not just missionaries and preachers who are sent to share the good news of Jesus — God wants each of us to share the message of Jesus everywhere we go.
    • For a person to believe in Jesus they have to hear about Him.  Who are you telling?  And perhaps more importantly, what are you telling them with your life and your words?
    • “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”  But not just for “us”, for “them” too while they are still sinners.
    • God’s love isn’t dependent on our goodness.  We can never make ourselves good enough, but He can transform us into what we ought to be.
    • What we say we believe about the Bible doesn’t matter as much as what our actions say we believe about it.
  • After the church service it was lunch with my family and then a restful afternoon.
  • Even when the weather isn’t ideal, getting out and working/playing in the elements usually helps me sleep better at night.
  • As I prepare to close out the day, the forecast is calling for a very cold but dry night.  But as I did to start today’s page, I will still be up early in the morning prepared to clear walks again if I need to but satisfied if I don’t.
  • Today’s photo is of the male cardinal that stopped by outside my office for a brief visit this morning.


2 thoughts on “2018: Page 42

  1. My grandmother would whistle all the time. It is a comforting sound to me. I however have never perfected the whistle. My grandmother could imitate birds, whistle songs from the radio and mimic flutes… All I can do is create a slight hum accompanied by an excess of moisture!

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