Finding HOPE In the Midst of Chaos (Sermon Audio)


This is the audio from the November 15, 2020 sermon, “Finding HOPE In the Midst of Chaos”, shared by Tom Lemler at the Goshen Christian Church.

Text:  Psalm 42

Have you experienced any CHAOS (Confusion, Hunger, Anger, Opposition, or Suffering) in your life this past year?  This past month?  This past week?  Today?  Does it ever feel like one or more of those elements of chaos dominate your thoughts and how you live?  If so, I want to share some good news! 

In the midst of life’s chaos, God offers . . . 

  • Healing: While we are often quick to desire physical healing for all of life’s ailments, how much do we pay attention to the spiritual and emotional healing that we need in even greater measure?  As we face the chaos of life, God offers a healing that will carry us into eternity with Him.  While the physical healing of a body is good and something to pray for, it is really only a temporary healing as we all will face a death of this body we live in.  When the Good Shepherd anoints our head with oil, He not only sets us apart as His but He brings healing to the hurts we experienced while we had gone astray.  We find healing in the midst of chaos when we turn to God in faith and ask draw near to Him.
  • Opportunity:  When confusion is a part of the chaos of life, it is easy to become distracted by what we can’t do to such an extent that we miss what we can do.  It is in spending time with God in His Word and prayer that we are able to notice more clearly the opportunities that are present in the surrounding chaos.  When chaos makes it difficult for people to know what to do and where to turn, we who are children of God have a unique opportunity to provide an answer.  We find opportunity in the midst of chaos when we notice the needs of others and can see how God has prepared us to meet those needs.
  • Protection:  Much like our need to gain a new perspective regarding God’s desire to heal much more than our physical bodies, it is easy to question God’s protection when chaos hits and we suffer.  The protection we want is usually an ability to avoid all types of loss and hurt.  The protection God offers is the ability to be a peace even in the presence of our enemies.  The things that need protected the most in the midst of any chaos is our spirit and our relationship with Jesus.  We find protection in the midst of chaos when we hold fast to the Word of God and allow His Spirit to direct each aspect of how we live.
  • Encouragement:  While our ability to handle chaos on our own varies from person to person, nearly all of us reach a point that the chaos is too much and we feel discouraged.  It is in the midst of that discouragement that God calls us to comfort one another with the same comfort we have received from Him.  Many times it is the things which seem small to us that provide the greatest encouragement to others, just as their small acts of kindness lift our spirits.  We find encouragement in the midst of chaos when we keep a firm grasp on the knowledge that God’s goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of our life.

So, when your soul is downcast within you and the chaos of life seems to be winning, what will you do?  Will you take the advice of the Psalmist and “put your hope in God”?  I pray that you would gaze deeply into the Word of God and find Healing, Opportunity, Protection, and Encouragement from the One who has called you to Himself because of His great love! 

In prayer,