2018: Page 44

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • I was awake shortly before the alarm was to go off and as I tried to decide if I would wait for it or just get out of bed I could hear the sounds of Susan having a seizure.
  • While I’m used to it and it no longer freaks me out, I still feel bad for her.
  • We should never get so used to people suffering that we no longer feel any sort of compassion for them.
  • It was supposed to warm up so I began the day with a couple less layers.  It was a very cold start to the day and on the drive to work I wished I had put those layers on.
  • It can be easy to look ahead to such an extent that we suffer because we weren’t paying attention to what was happening at the moment.
  • As I went about my morning prayer, cleaning, and building prep routines, my mind seemed to travel among a number of songs which focus around the word hallelujah — not a bad focus for any activity.
  • When I took the trash out it looked like God had pulled out a brand new set of pastel chalk to work on a sunrise scene, so I went back inside to grab a camera.
  • I spent a good part of the morning with some information technology, particularly networking, research to make sure the corrections I needed to make to the system wasn’t going to cause other problems.
  • Correcting things that are causing problems is a good thing to do as long as our corrections aren’t simply passing the problem along to someone else.
  • Susan spent most of the morning resting in my office as she watched episodes of her favorite series, “Touched By an Angel”.  I always figure it is a fitting series for her as the title also does a good job of describing her.
  • I wonder how different our workplaces, communities, and homes would be if we lived in such a way that people automatically thought “touched by an angel” described us.
  • I needed to pick up some supplies for work, so by early afternoon I wrapped up my tasks in the building and headed to Sam’s Club for lunch and the needed supplies.
  • When I finally made it home, the remainder of the day has been spent relaxing and doing some camera lens research.
  • It is fun to have a hobby that we can not only enjoy as a family, but that we can use to share the beauty of creation with others.
  • Today’s photo is one of the ones I took this morning as the sun prepared to rise over the eastern horizon.


2 thoughts on “2018: Page 44

  1. Wonderful winter sunrise!! Touched by an Angel was a really good series. Too bad they don’t put it on as a rerun instead of some of the drivel they show… (just my opinion).

    • Thanks! I find that I watch less and less TV as each year passes. I suppose part of it is that I have found better things to do, like going out photographing nature’s beauty, but a big part is there is so little worth watching.

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