2017: Page 331

Page 331 began with a soundtrack before I even left home as I found myself singing, “I exalt Thee!  I exalt Thee!  I exalt Thee, oh, God!”  Sometimes I have an idea of what planted that day’s soundtrack in my mind and other days, like today, I just find myself singing a song of worship without knowing why that specific song came to mind other than to praise God — and that is reason enough.  I know my day goes better when I have a soundtrack of praise woven throughout it, so I ought to be more deliberate about making sure each day begins that way.

The song continued as I arrived at work and started in on the morning prayer, cleaning, and building prep tasks.  There were a few minor maintenance issues to take care of as I began my morning, but by the time the sun came up I was ready to settle in with God to figure out the prayer guide for next week.  After considering a variety of topics that I felt were good possibilities, I finally landed on living with hope as the one that brought peace to my mind and spirit.  Once I had direction, the rest of the morning was spent in prayer and study as I put together the daily scriptures and prayer points for the guide.  By the time the prayer guide was written and then formatted and scheduled to be published early Sunday, the morning had disappeared and I was well into the afternoon.  

My next task was putting together a #GivingTuesday Facebook fundraiser for Impact Prayer Ministry and then writing and scheduling a promo email to go out first thing tomorrow.  Giving to non-profits, such as Impact Prayer Ministry, that takes place tomorrow on Facebook is eligible to receive a matching grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; so while I rarely emphasize the financial needs of the prayer ministry, this opportunity is one I wanted to make people aware of.  It’s not too often you can each dollar given matched so that the gift goes twice as far, and the fun thing is that God has a way of multiplying that doubled gift so that it goes even further!

By mid-afternoon I made it home and had leftover turkey for lunch before sitting down to relax and unwind for a while.  Before the daylight completely disappeared, we decided to drive up to Lake Michigan to walk and take some sunset photos.  It was a beautiful evening on the beach considering it is late November.  The sunset was beautiful and there were plenty of gulls and shore birds enjoying the peaceful water.  Today’s photo made me marvel at the ability to these birds to fly so close to the water’s surface.  Sometimes it seem as if their wings will dip into the water and send them spiraling out of control, but I’ve never seen it happen.  We left the beach only to see the sky light up behind us after the sun finished setting beyond the horizon so we went back to capture round two of the sunset before heading home. 🙂

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Worship flows from the inside out.  If the inside is filled with praise, it can’t help but come out as worship.
  • Worship sets the mood for the day because it reminds me of who is in charge.
  • Sometimes it is tempting to settle for good ideas rather than seek God’s ideas.
  • My ideas always take more time and work to make them usable than what it would take if I would just wait until the next step in God’s plan is clear.
  • Asking for help is hard for me to do.
  • Sometimes being faithful in trusting God means we ask people to help so that they can accomplish what God has equipped them to do.
  • God provides.  How He chooses to do that is up to Him.
  • It is fun to watch how God has equipped creation to accomplish things that look impossible.
  • Sometimes we miss the best God wants to offer because we give up before it arrives.


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