2017: Page 332

Page 332 began early following a good night’s sleep.  As I got up and began my day I found myself singing the words, “There is joy in the camp, a sinner has come home!  There’s joy in the camp, rejoicing ’round the throne!”, as well as other lyrics I probably improvised as I couldn’t recall when I had last heard the song.  I continue to be amazed at how songs, or at least lines from songs, fill my mind as I go about my work.

After I had the building ready for the day, I headed out in search of my cell phone.  Last night’s adventure photographing the sunset had resulted in my phone being lost somewhere on the beach we were at.  We had spent time in the dark looking for it with a flashlight last night with no success.  Before replacing the phone, I wanted to spend at least some time looking for it in the daylight, so a quick trip back to the beach was on my morning agenda.  The sunrise was beautiful as I drove and by the time I arrived at the beach, it provided all the light I would need.  I walked from the truck to the water’s edge in the area I had spent most of my time last night but didn’t see anything.  As I made my first trip back toward the truck, I saw the top edge of the phone sticking out of the sand.  After pulling it out of the sand, I tried it out and it seems to have suffered no ill effects from its night outside. 🙂  While completely out of context with the original lyrics to my morning song, there truly was “joy in the camp” this morning!

After I got back to work, I spent some time with God as I looked at direction for the sermon I’ll share Sunday morning.  I made progress on a potential outline, so now we’ll let the ideas and outline simmer a bit so God can confirm, refine, or replace them over the next couple of days.  I had a lunch meeting scheduled, so I finished up my morning’s work before going out to encourage a friend.  After lunch I headed home and by late afternoon we decided to head out for another evening adventure.  Today’s photo was taken near the end of that adventure as our final stop before returning home was at Silver Beach in St Joseph, Michigan.  The clear sky of the morning had clouded over so there wasn’t much of a visible sunset tonight but we still managed to find elements of beauty to photograph.  Each of the lights seem to have its own pattern of off and on which makes it difficult to take a photo with all three lights lit.  It is always encouraging to me when I find I got one, to today’s photo was one of those surprise moments of the day.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • It is easier to get up in the morning if I sleep well at night.
  • While it is not really the message of the song, I suspect the “joy in the camp” lyrics were in my mind because of the peace God gave me overnight even though my phone was missing.
  • I haven’t always found everything that I’ve lost or misplaced, but God has returned things to me often enough that I do not ever doubt His ability to do so.
  • I don’t know if the peace I had last night that allowed me to sleep was due to a confidence that the phone would be found, but I do know there was a confidence that God would see me through whatever I would need to do.
  • For me, sermon prep is a lot of listening.
  • Even with practice, I don’t always listen accurately so I must leave time for God to refine, replace, or even confirm the direction I head in.
  • There isn’t a one size fits all schedule for life.  We are all on individual journeys that have an individual pace.
  • Being unique doesn’t mean we can’t all shine at the same time — it just takes a little more effort to make that happen.


3 thoughts on “2017: Page 332

    • Thank you! . . . and yes, He does! I’m sure that’s where my peace came from, knowing that He would look after me. This past January I lost my phone while photographing along a stream in the Smoky Mountains. 10 miles down the road He gave me the clarity to recall when I knew I last had it as well as to be able to retrace my path where I found the phone. 🙂 My wife says I need to find a different phone case or means of carrying it. 🙂

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