2017: Page 125

Page 125 was a Friday so I’m doing the writing part of the page as I take a break during the evening segment of my two-shift day.  I began the day with the cleaning and building prep that I start most days with.  So far, every time I start thinking about shifting my schedule to a later start now that the likelihood of snow is over, I come in and remember how peaceful the building is in the early morning  hours.  The day began cloudy and cool so after the building was ready for the day and I took the trash out, I spent some time reading through the scripture and meditating on the outline for the sermon I’ll share Sunday. 

By mid-morning the sun had broken through the clouds and the temperatures were beginning to rise.  That meant it was time to head outside and work at finishing up the mowing for the week.  The engine struggled to turn over when I tried to start the mower, which I thought was odd as I had just put a new battery on it this spring.  Once it started, I was able to mow for about an hour before it simply died.  Turning the key to restart it did nothing so I got my battery boost pack out of the truck and after hooking it up to the mower’s battery, the mower started right up.  I spent the rest of the morning mowing with the battery booster on my lap as an auxiliary battery so the mower would keep running.  I finally took a break and spent some time online researching some troubleshooting techniques to figure out why the charging system wasn’t working.  I eventually found a web site that I would call a beginners site — at least if felt like they were having me start the troubleshooting at the beginning and only work my way into more complicated areas if the beginning steps didn’t solve the problem.  The second step after the battery itself was to trace out the wiring harness and look for a fuse in the line.  Sure enough, I found not one, but two fuses side by side under the key switch.  Neither of them looked obviously blown, but when I tested them, one of them wasn’t letting current pass through.  By now it was early afternoon, so I headed to lunch with the bad fuse in my pocket and picked up a new one while I was out.  When I returned to work, I replaced the bad fuse and started up the mower, spending the rest of the afternoon finishing up the mowing with no additional mower problems.  By starting at the beginning, a one dollar fuse solved the problem and I was able to complete the task I began.

After the mowing was done, I decided I either needed to take a short walk or a short nap, so I headed down to the river for the walk option.  I still have not gotten tired of walking the river walk and taking pictures of the scenes that I go by.  Today’s photo is of a squirrel that was high up in a tree stretched out on a small limb.  From where I was standing I thought he was sleeping but when I zoomed in for the photo it appears he was just taking it easy at a place where he was unlikely to be bothered.  Rest comes in many forms.  Sometimes it does involve sleep and sometimes it simply involves finding a location where we can relax without being bothered or interrupted.  God’s desire is that we would draw near to Him and find rest for our soul.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Sometimes easier is better and sometimes it isn’t . . . but better is always better.
  • My routine needs to be developed around what helps my relationship with God to grow rather than trying to develop my relationship with God around my preferences.
  • My routine shouldn’t be my god . . . God should be my God.
  • When what we’re doing doesn’t work, it rarely begins working without changing something.
  • When the obvious changes don’t help, it is a good idea to seek knowledgeable counsel on what to change next.
  • Sometimes we need to make major changes, but sometimes all we need is a “one dollar adjustment” to be back to living as we ought.
  • Just as helpful routines vary from person to person, helpful rest doesn’t always look the same for everyone.
  • The best rest, regardless of how you get it, is the rest that draws you near to God. 


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