2017: Page 126

The written portion of page 126 will be rather brief, at least for now, but if I don’t write something my mind just might short-circuit.  🙂  The first half of the day was spent with my family as we headed to the outlet mall to do some shopping in preparation for an eventual vacation.  After the shopping, we stopped by Lake Michigan to take a few photos.  The wind was strong but the sky was clear so there was good visibility to be able to see the Chicago skyline from the Indiana shores.  Today’s photo was taken in Michigan City, Indiana of the lighthouse with a part of the Chicago skyline in the background.  It ended up being a great reminder of the lighthouse we have in Jesus that we can cling to when the waves of life seem to get a little rough.

The second half of the day was also spent with family but in a very different context.  This context calls upon the need for a lighthouse in the midst of a storm.  My mom was taken to the hospital today with some episodes of a heart rate that drops drastically from where it should be.  While it seems to bewilder many, I know One who understands fully what is going on.  If you would, please join me in praying that God would give great wisdom and understanding to those who need it.  Pray for my mom, but also pray for my dad as this is hard on him too.  Pray for the opportunities that God will present for all of us to represent Jesus well.  Pray that we would keep our eyes fixed on the light of Jesus even as we hold up that light for others to see.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Family is family in good times and bad.  While perhaps more fun in good times, its strength is made evident in the not so good times.
  • Sometimes the conditions of life increase the visibility of distant things.
  • A lighthouse is pretty when surrounded by calm waters.  It can be life-saving when surrounded by the turbulent waters of a storm.
  • The light of Jesus draws people to Him regardless of the life conditions we face.  His light in us ought to draw people to Him in both calm and stormy times.


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