2017: Page 124

I’ve been trying to keep a cold/sinus issue from overrunning my head for a while now, so after choosing to work late last night it felt good to sleep in this morning and get some extra rest.  While page 124 has been my “off day” between two long workdays, much of the day was spent reflecting on and letting the sermon for Sunday simmer some more.  I had thawed out some meat last week that would need a full day on the pellet grill to make it the best it could be.  Scheduling and weather kept me from doing anything with it until now, so last night I unwrapped it and did some preseasoning to have it ready to go on first thing this morning.  When I worked on it last night, it just didn’t smell right so by this morning I decided it wasn’t worth the risk to cook it and potentially make all of us sick from spoiled meat.  Instead, by late morning I fired up the pellet grill and made bacon cheeseburgers for lunch.

The afternoon was spent resting, playing computer and Wii games, and continuing to run through the weekend’s sermon in my mind.  As the afternoon was coming to a close I decided that we would meet my parents for dinner so we ventured out into the cool, damp evening and made our way to their favorite restaurant.  It was good, as always, to spend some time with them.  Today’s photo is one I took yesterday and it reminds me of my childhood spent alongside my parents as they worked and lived.  Even when I had no wings, they gave me room to grow while always knowing they were right there to protect and provide.  After dinner we headed home where I began work on writing today’s page so I can get it finished and head to bed.  Tomorrow will be another early and late day so I am thankful for today’s rest.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • While not always possible, rest is a good first step when sickness tries to get a foothold in my life.
  • Rest rarely happens without preparing and planning for it — or when it does happen without preparation and planning, the reasons are often not pleasant.
  • We will rarely spend quiet time resting in the Lord unless we plan to do so.
  • God’s Word is alive and active and when we spend time meditating on it, God’s Spirit works within us to instruct and encourage us — and others.
  • Sometimes an opportunity has a limited time-frame in which it is useful.  It is important to know when the opportunity is fresh and when it is spoiled so that we don’t sicken ourselves and others by doing something that is no longer good.
  • Just because one opportunity has passed, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t another one right around the corner that we should make the most of.
  • God strengthens us so that we can nurture others in their growth.
  • Good, godly parents are a gift from God.  We should appreciate them if we’ve had them, and even if we haven’t, we should become them in whatever manner we can.


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