2017: Page 123

The “light frost” in the forecast to begin page 123 was anything but light as I scraped it off my windshield before heading to work early this morning.  The frost, however, was a sign that the skies had cleared and the day was bringing with it a temporary end to the consecutive days of rain.  After I did the morning cleaning and building prep, I took the trash out and realized the sun had come up while I was cleaning.  While the amount of daylight doesn’t increase significantly each day, from week to week there is a noticeable difference in when the sun comes up during my typical schedule.  The changing daylight reminds me of God’s Word teaching us that “for everything there is a season.”  Sometimes it may not be clear to you or I what our current season is, but God knows and the best way for us to know is to seek Him.

Once the building was ready, I turned my attention to finishing the project I began yesterday of getting online registration for our VBS up and running.  Technically it was up and running last night, so today was a day of tweaking the forms and the process so the information that is entered becomes useful in helping us be prepared.  We live in an age filled with information, but sometimes the information pipeline becomes clogged to the point that what makes it through is not very useful.  When I was mostly satisfied with not only the registration process, but also the information we would receive from it, I turned my attention to the sermon for Sunday.  As I looked a the life of Samuel as being one who shared truth, one of his first tasks was in an area of truth that can be most difficult — sharing the truth about trouble.  No one likes the bearer of bad news even if the bad news is truth from God.  As a servant of the Lord, Samuel did what was needed and told Eli the truth about what God had revealed regarding Eli’s sons.

By early afternoon, the outside temperature had risen and I headed out to begin the mowing for the week.  If nothing else, the cool rainy weather we’ve been having has been good at making the lawn and dandelions grow.  It was a peaceful afternoon as I enjoyed the warmth of the sun and let the sound of the mower engine keep my mind company as I meditated on the points of the sermon I’m working on.  Mowing is one of those tasks that I’ve always enjoyed as the finished product is a thing of beauty and shows a clearly accomplished task.  While I anticipate a late workday and wanted a late lunch because of that, the mowing had distracted me to where lunch was even later than I had planned as I put the mower away around 5 PM.  After lunch I made a quick stop along the river to shoot some photos and take a short walk.  Today’s photo is of a bee busy at his work of collecting nectar and spreading pollen.  As Christians, we ought ought to reflect the beauty of  Christ in such a way that others can collect His sweetness from us and spread the seeds of His love through the contact they have with us.

I had planned on making it to the Bible study class that does a follow up of Sunday’s sermon each week, but as I wound down from the day of work I didn’t make it out of my office.  Instead, I spent some time with Susan and began the writing of today’s page so I will be ready to do tomorrow’s cleaning and building prep as soon as the building clears out tonight.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Perspective determines how we view things that other may see differently.
  • Paul says that our afflictions ought to seem “light and momentary” in view of the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ.
  • Having information isn’t nearly as important as having useful information.  Sometimes we settle for any information rather than seeking useful information.
  • Sharing truth may not make you popular with people, but it is a part of being obedient to God.
  • Telling someone about trouble that will be found on the path they are following can be one of the most difficult truths to share.
  • Some tasks have results which are obvious and some results are not so obvious.  The key is to do the tasks God has created for you to do and trust the results to Him.
  • God’s love ought to be spread through us and we ought to live in a way that makes the love He has placed within us attractive to others.


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