2017: Page 90

Page 90 looks to be a long day as I finish up the cleaning and weekend building prep tonight to be ready for Sunday.  I was once again awake before the alarm was to go off but instead of getting up right away, I stayed in bed thinking about an old hymn that took up residence in my mind yesterday.  I find it interesting because while I could likely not carry a tune in a bucket to save my life, in my mind I can hear and sing in full four part harmony many of the old hymns I grew up with.  This time it is primarily the chorus of the hymn, “Brighten the Corner Where You Are”, that has stuck in my mind.  The words have a “lighthouse” feel to them as they encourage you to brighten the corner where you are because someone not yet in the harbor may need the help of your light to get them across the [sand]bar.  As I looked up the words today because the verses weren’t coming to mind, it became clear the words were meant as a challenge not to wait until you were somewhere that you felt was meaningful, but to let your light shine exactly where you are, wherever you are.

Anyhow, as I reflected on the chorus I must have drifted off to sleep because the next time I looked at the clock it was already past 6, which is when I typically try to be at work by.  I jumped out of bed, got dressed, and headed out the door — still singing in my mind about brightening the corner of the world I find myself in.  Once at work I set about the morning cleaning and building prep for the day.  Once it was ready and the students began arriving for the day, it was time to get serious about finishing up the next prayer guide and the sermon I’ve been working on.  By the end of the day the prayer guide was done and ready to schedule to be posted and sent out, but the sermon will remain a work in progress right up until it is delivered.  

While it has been overcast and drizzly most of the day, the birds were not deterred from stopping by and sharing their beautiful songs.  Today’s photo is one I almost didn’t take because from a distance this bird deep in the brush appeared to be another robin.  It’s not that I don’t like robins, but I have many photos of them and this one didn’t appear that it would be a unique photo.  But since there was nothing else visible at the time, I went ahead and took the photo.  It wasn’t until I was going through today’s photos on my computer that I noticed the white belly instead of the all reddish-orange that a robin would have.  I knew when I took the photo that he was smaller than most of the robins that stop by, but I just figured he was young.  Anyhow, when I looked it up online I discovered that he is an Eastern Towhee.  Not that that means anything to me other than he is a new friend that I don’t know that I have met before.  Isn’t that life, though?  Sometimes we are so sure we know what we see or what is going on, that we fail to really pay attention.  Instead of learning something new, we go on with our life never realizing we had missed out on the actual truth that could have only been discovered by stopping and taking a closer look.

Well, my break is over since the building won’t get itself ready for Sunday.  Time to share today’s lessons and then finish up work so I can go home.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Seeds planted long ago may still grow and bear fruit.
  • I believe God hears my worship in a way that sounds similar to what it sounds like in my mind — only purer.
  • God has put His light within us in order to brighten our corner of the world wherever we are.
  • Many times I want to make a huge difference somewhere that is important — God wants me to make a difference that is important wherever I am.
  • It’s not likely you will effectively share God’s Word if you aren’t willing to listen to Him throughout the entire process.
  • The birds that visit outside my office window are good examples of shining where they are at.
  • When we fail to stop and pay attention, we often miss the details that would distinguish one thing from another — best from better, better from good, and even good from evil.
  • God wants us to notice, and follow, truth but we often settle for the appearance of truth.


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