2017: Page 91

After working late last night, page 91 was a day to sleep in and relax.  I was awake when my alarm would have gone off had it been a normal workday, but since it wasn’t, I had no trouble falling back asleep.  When I did finally wake up, the sun was shining brightly through the window and even with some light frost on the rooftop, a beautiful day had begun.  I spent the morning doing very little — a few messages and correspondence to follow up on, some games on the computer and Wii system, and did some minor work on the photos I took yesterday.  With the weather not enticing me to get out and walk yesterday, I ended up being at work from a little after six in the morning until ten at night, so today’s rest and relaxation was eagerly welcomed.  

As the morning slipped away, I fired up the pellet grill and made some cheeseburgers for lunch.  In our household at least, anything that comes off the grill automatically tastes a little better than its non-grilled counterparts.  MJ usually says that is doubly true because not only does it have the grilled flavor, she doesn’t have to cook. 🙂  After lunch had settled a little bit, we headed down to Potato Creek to enjoy the beautiful sunshine that was filling the day.  We did a little over two and a half miles of walking combined with a couple photo stops along the way.  At one point on the trail, a young boy had to let us know there were frogs up ahead.  Sure enough, we reached a wetland area that was thick with frogs trying to keep out of sight.  We took a few photos of the frogs and then stopped a little further up the trail to take some more photos from an area overlooking the lake.  At one point, we passed a small pool of water next to the lake and this area has some large frogs as well.  Today’s photo is of one of those frogs as he was on a moss-covered log soaking in the sunshine.  He reminded me of the oft told story of the frog in the kettle.  The idea is that if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will jump right out because it is so uncomfortable.  However, if you put a frog in a pot of room temperature water and slowly heat it to boiling, the frog will continually get used to the rising temperature and boil to death with no attempt to hop out.  That story, and this frog, made me wonder what deadly things happen so gradually in my surrounding that I pay them no attention and even come to accept them.

After our walk and a stop to visit the osprey at the park, we headed home for a relaxing evening.  The park wants to use one of my photos for some thank you cards/notes they are having printed, so I worked on the release form they need which gives them permission to use my photo.  As I wrap up the evening, my mind continues to mull over the sermon I will share tomorrow morning as I allow God to refine it.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • There is nothing wrong with a long workday.  There is also nothing wrong with a day of rest.  Both are valuable and useful in a person’s life.
  • We tend to make a lot of things in life out to be “either/or” situations when in reality they are “both/and” situations, it’s just that the options have different purposes and timings.
  • How things are done makes a difference and is important.  It is usually not enough for things to be done however they can be.  There are ways that are good, there are ways that are better, and there are ways that are the best.  Seek the best.
  • When we seek the best, we are less susceptible to the gradual “heat” that seeks to destroy us.
  • It is important to always use the Word of God as our straight edge in determining how close we are to, or how far we are from, where we should be.
  • Meditating on the Word of God is one of the best preparations for sharing it.


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