2017: Page 25

The long days have made for restless nights for some reason.  Most of the time long days make me tired enough that I sleep really well, but not at this conference.  Page 25 began early as I seem to be locked into a sleep pattern that includes a 5:30 wake-up time.  Usually when I know I don’t have to be up that early, I can go back to sleep rather quickly.  After trying that to no avail, I got up and set out for an early morning drive up the mountain where I hoped to be able to watch the sunrise as I spent some quiet time with God.  As I drove, I caught a glimpse of the moon which had just a sliver of it illuminated but as it was rising just ahead of the sun, the light was reflecting back to the dark part of the moon so that even it was visible.  It was still dark when I arrived at the top of the mountain, so I took a few photos of the moon while I waited for the sun to begin adding color to the sky.  As the sunrise began, I set up one camera on a tripod with a time-lapse setting where it would take a photo every five seconds and combine them into a video.  I used my other camera to keep snapping shots that would catch my eye as the sun made its way up over the horizon.  Today’s photo is one that was away from the actual sunrise but still contained some of the sunrise colors and the beauty of the mountains waking up for the day.  

Once the sun was up, I headed back down the mountain for breakfast to start the conference day.  The morning was spent at my display table talking with people about the prayer ministry and the resources that were available for them to use.  Much of the afternoon was a block of free time, so I joined a group that was headed out for a hike.  It ended up being a nice walk through the woods to the base of a waterfall that was pretty impressive considering how little effort it took to get to it.  When we got back to the hotel after the hike, I had time to clean up a little bit and then joined a group for dinner before the evening conference session.  Tonight the singing part of our worship seemed to be focused on us blessing God and the message was about understanding and overcoming frustration.  Many times frustration settles into our life because we have expectations that are not being met.  It doesn’t matter much if those expectations are realistic or not, if what we expect doesn’t come to be we tend to get frustrated.  It is through examining our frustration enough to understand the expectations, that we are able to overcome the expectations that don’t match with God’s.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Restless nights are good times to talk with God.  I believe that sometimes God stirs my spirit to be restless because I need to talk with Him and there are times it is restless for other reasons but talking with God helps to calm those too.
  • Darkness cannot overcome the light.  In God’s presence, even the darkness becomes light.
  • God has gifted people with some incredible abilities that are being used for His glory.
  • Most people don’t realize how incredible their gifting is nor how much God is using it for His purposes.
  • It is fun to have opportunities to watch people catch a glimpse of what God may be wanting to do in their life as I tell my story and give God the credit.
  • Sometimes even an introvert to the nth degree enjoys being with people when he can interact on his own terms. 🙂
  • God wants our life to bless Him, and in so doing to be a blessing to others.
  • When frustration begins to settle, we need to ask what it was we were expecting and why.


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