2017: Page 26

Page 26 began early as I needed to pack up my display, and my clothes, before breakfast so I could begin the trip home after I ate.  As I made a final check of the room, the sun had begun to illuminate the clouds that were hovering over the mountains.  It was raining when I went to bed last night, so this view was a pleasant surprise this morning.  This is one of the reasons why I try to keep a camera out and handy as much as possible as I was able to shoot a few photos of the beautiful morning sky.  

I love representing the prayer ministry at conferences and find that the opportunity to share about the privilege of prayer has a way of refreshing my spirit even as I pray that it refreshes those who hear what I share.  I guess I’m getting old though, as the long days and short nights catch up with me more quickly than they used to.  As I chatted with some camp leaders around the breakfast table, I was reminded of how God weaves together the fabric of our life in a way that includes the lives of others.  God uses the people around us to add value to our life and he uses us to add value to theirs. 

Once breakfast was finished, the conversations concluded, and the final display items loaded into the truck, I was ready to begin the drive home.  I was making a detour to pick up my father-in-law, so I left before the closing conference session so I could get home at a somewhat reasonable time.  The mix of sun and clouds added great beauty as I drove and could see the shadows of the clouds dancing across the hills and mountains as I drove through Tennessee and into Kentucky.  I spent part of the drive listening to worship music and part of the drive with the radio off as I enjoyed the quiet time with God.

About mid-way through the drive home, the sun part of the mix disappeared and was replaced by very light freezing precipitation that seemed to be trying to snow.  As we drove up through Indiana, the precipitation became more consistent until it finally turned into brief periods of heavy snow squalls.  The air temp was hovering at the freezing mark but the roadways were still warm enough that the snow did not cause any driving difficulties.  Finally, after eleven hours on the road, I made it home where I’m trying to unwind by writing today’s page so I can get some sleep.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • While I enjoy traveling to represent Impact Prayer Ministry, there is still no place like home.
  • Everything we do on this earth has a beginning and an end.  How we finish a task generally says more about us than how we begin.
  • The only thing we have which is eternal is the life we have in Christ.
  • God brings people into our life, and us into theirs, so that each of us would be made complete and mature as we use our God-given gifts and abilities to encourage and equip one another.
  • It is difficult to write about meaningful lessons learned when the mind is in a tired fog. 🙂


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