2017: Page 27

After a great busy week representing the prayer ministry at a conference, page 27 was a dive back into the deep end of work.  It was snowing when I went to bed last night so I set the alarm early to be ready for whatever needed done in the morning.  While it only ended up being a dusting of snow overnight, much of it melted as it fell and then froze onto the sidewalks and other surfaces creating a hazardous condition.  With a little ice melt put down as soon as I got to work, it wasn’t long before the sidewalks were in good shape for the day.  After doing some cleaning and taking out trash, I dug into the mail and messages that had accumulated during the week.

As I considered the feedback given by people who had picked up my latest book, I began to spend some time in prayer seeking direction for what God would have me to write next — if anything.  Eventually, the idea of writing another set of daily devotions in this “Devotions For Those Who Serve” series settled in my mind.  God calls all of us to serve one another but often we have great difficulty in serving with the attitude, and in the manner, that Jesus set the example for us to do.  As I continued my prayer time, I began to collect potential topics for the next thirteen weeks of daily devotions in this series.  When I came up for air, I found that I had nineteen topics selected for consideration so I guess I can select the thirteen I will use this time and have six already selected for the third volume.  Some of the topics being considered are “Serving With Compassion”, “Serving With Endurance”, and “Serving With Wisdom”.  

As I worked in the office, a number of birds eventually showed up in the brush outside my office window.  Today’s photo is of one of the birds as it was snacking on some of the berries still available in the underbrush.  The beauty and variety of the wildlife seen from my office is astounding at times and I am in awe of the creativity of my God.  By mid-afternoon it was time to get some lunch before starting the Friday evening cleaning to get the building ready for Sunday.  As I worked on one end of the building, the long days of the week caught up with me.  I was too tired to be very productive, so I finished up the areas I was working on and decided I would come back to work sometime tomorrow or early Sunday to finish up the cleaning. 

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • It is better to be prepared for bad weather that doesn’t materialize than to be unprepared when it does come.
  • As much as I don’t like ice melt tracked into the building; I dislike dangerous, slippery sidewalks even more.
  • Life can become slippery in ways that cause many to fall.  
  • Many times when we fall, it is because we have not taken appropriate measures to reduce the “slipperiness” of life.
  • The longer we put things off, for whatever reason, the more work it takes for us to “catch up”.
  • If we’re not serving on a daily basis, we need to spend time with God seriously examining why not.
  • Serving begins with our heart and our attitude before it ever presents itself in action.
  • God’s creativity extends beyond the wildlife and into the beauty of mankind.
  • It is good to recognize there are times when it is wise to stop what we’re doing and rest so we can be more productive in accomplishing the work that needs done.


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