2017: Page 24

Page 24 has been a full day of representing the prayer ministry at the Christian Camp Leaders Conference.  I managed a few photos from my hotel balcony as the sun was rising this morning, although the clouds were so thick to start the day that it was more of a gradual illumination than a sunrise.  After that I was busy pretty much non-stop until a short break just before dinner when I was able to go outside and shoot some photos of the sunset as the sky had cleared throughout the day.  Today’s photo is one of those sunset photos a pavilion on the hotel property.  Just over the hill to the right is the burned out remains of a building that was destroyed by the fire that swept through the area late last year.  While this pavilion survived, the hotel staff said there were a number of rocking chairs on it that were severely damaged by the heat of the fire as it swept past.

A big part of my day was spent talking with people about pursuing God through a lifestyle of prayer.  Many times we want to feel a greater knowledge of God’s presence in our life but we fail to make spending time with Him a priority.  We often begin a greater pursuit of God with a conviction to pray more but soon give up on that when we don’t immediately receive the answers we had already decided were acceptable.  Unfortunately, when we begin a conversation with God with the acceptable answers already in our mind, that’s not prayer.

Not only did I get to talk to people about the gifting God has put within my life that allows me to preach, teach, and write, I was able to share some of that gifting with others as they picked up copies of the books and printed resources I have with me.  After dinner we gathered for a time of worship and a message from God’s Word as we were challenged to not only learn from our times of waiting, but to respond to those times with thanksgiving as we trust God.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • The sun rises each day and even when it can’t be directly seen, it illuminates the day in a way that we know its presence exists.
  • We ought to live life in such a way that even if people can’t directly see Jesus in us, our life illuminates their day in such a way that they know He exists.
  • God has given each of us a life story and desires that we find ways to tell our story and give Him the credit.
  • Fire can destroy but it also can purify.  The result depends mostly on what you’re made of.
  • Waiting often seems like a waste of time to most people, but it is in the waiting that God often reveals to us just what it is we have inside.


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