2016: Page 240

Page 240 was a day when I slowed down long enough that the stress and long days of the summer caught up with me a bit.  On a day that I could have slept in, even after a rather restless night of sleep, I was up at my normal time for going into work during the week.  Being up did allow me to write yesterday’s page early this morning as I didn’t get to it last night.  It was a cool, drizzly morning and Susan was sound asleep so I decided to let her sleep as long as she wanted and we would skip the zoo today.  I played a little Wii Fitness and discovered that my fitness age was 23 today.  By 11:30, Susan was ready to get up and it was time to start the pellet grill for our Saturday bacon cheeseburgers.  After lunch I laid down on the couch and soon discovered that most of the afternoon had mysteriously disappeared.  

After I woke up and took time to clear my mind a bit, we headed to Goshen for ice cream at The Chief and then a visit to Sam’s Club.  When we returned home, Mary Jane and Susan offered to help me with my Friday night cleaning that had been delayed due to the building being in use Friday evening.  As I took the first load of trash out, there were five deer standing on the hillside behind the building enjoying an evening snack of freshly cut grass.  I left the trash setting inside the back door and went and got the next load and had Susan come with me so she could see the deer.  I took a couple photos through the window in the door and then we went outside to have a better look.  I was able to take a few more photos of the deer outside as Susan talked to them.  As I threw the trash in the dumpster and Susan continued talking to the deer, they slowly made their way into the woods and out of sight.  We eventually got the cleaning done and the building ready for Sunday so we could head home and call it a day.

Sometimes it feels as if life piles up against us in waves and drifts that we cannot stand against.  When we face the storms alone, it is only natural that we become overwhelmed and frightened.  One of the most compelling contrasts in scripture takes place as Jesus and the disciples are on the Sea of Galilee in a boat that is being tossed by a storm.  The disciples are in fear for their very lives and Jesus is asleep in the boat!  Same storm, same boat, different reactions.  Perhaps the reactions have to do with what happened next.  When Jesus is awakened, He commands the winds and the waves to be still — and they obey!  The power of God to calm the storm was present all along, but Jesus was the only one who was aware of it with full confidence and faith.  With Jesus in our life, we also have the very presence of the power of God that can calm whatever storm we face, but much like the disciples we are often slow to recognize and trust that power.

I pray that you and I would practice the presence of God within us on a daily basis.  I pray that we would endure the storms of life knowing that we don’t face them alone and that the One who is with us holds power even over the storms.  


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