2016: Page 187

With the Fourth of July holiday weekend coming to an end, page 187 felt more like a Monday than the Tuesday that it was.  The workday tasks began by spending time with God in prayer as I sought direction and content for next week’s prayer guide.  After considering several topics that didn’t feel like the right fit for now, I settled on a prayer focus of being refreshed.  As I spent time writing the daily points and prayer ideas, I was reminded of how God uses His Word, His Spirit, and His people to refresh His children when they become weary.  Writing the prayer guide took most of the morning today between listening for the topic and then writing the daily points.  

When the prayer guide was complete, I continued in the writing mode I found myself in and settled in to do some more writing in the next Impact Prayer Ministry book, “Almost Heaven”.  It was a good day for listening and writing as I found myself working through lunch.  By late afternoon, I typed the final words of the last day’s devotional thoughts on the page to finish the initial writing of the book.  As I’ve written in other daily pages, this book is being written to correspond with a national student conference’s theme of “Not Home Yet”.  Each day of this 31-day devotional journal will focus on an aspect of our heavenly home and how that particular characteristic can grow in our lives even as we journey toward their fulfillment.  The final topic is day 32, a bonus day that wraps up the book by having the reader consider a home filled with God’s glory.  

As I printed off the initial draft of the book to proofread and edit it, a collection of birds gathered in the trees outside my office window to sing songs of great joy.  Today’s photo on the page is one of those birds that seemed to rejoice with me at the work God is doing through the writing assignments He gives me.  With the conference set to begin July 30, I’ve been praying about a timely completion in order to have the first 300 copies of the book printed in time to put into the hands of the conference attendees.  With a normal 7 to 8 business day turnaround from order to printed book in hand, I was thrilled that God had given me the words necessary to faithfully complete His assignment in a timely fashion.  Now that the primary writing is finished, my focus can turn to the editing and completion of the book as well as more deliberate times of prayer and listening regarding the two workshops I will teach at the conference.  As I reflect on the prayer guide written for next week and the completed writing of this next book, there is something refreshing about this process of listening and writing out of obedience as I trust God to used the finish product for His purposes and His glory.

I pray that you and I would listen intently to God and follow the direction He gives us through the time we spend with Him in prayer.  I pray that our faithfulness would produce a peace within us that comes from trusting God to accomplish His purposes through our obedience.  I pray that the incredible work of God would give us reason to rejoice.  I pray that our efforts to live in obedience to God would produce fruit that accomplishes the will of God and brings glory to Him.


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