2016: Page 188

Page 188 began with the early morning sound of rain as I was waking up.  By the time I headed to work, the rain had diminished to a light mist under a very gray sky.  With everything wet and the radar indicating that the rain may not be over, I decided to do my weekly prayer walk at camp another day.  I spent part of the morning doing another read-through of my latest book, looking for typos and potential changes.  After that, I copied it into a different program that usually catches some things that my standard spell check in MS Publisher doesn’t notice.  As these writing projects have continued, I tend to find fewer places where corrections are needed.  After the third time/method through the manuscript, I uploaded it to the printing company and ordered a couple dozen copies to make sure the finished product looks like I want it to before ordering the 300+ copies I need for the student conference later this month.

While I was online ordering books, I decided I ought to do inventory of my current titles and found that I was out of 3 of the 6 current titles and I only had sufficient inventory of one of the titles for the conference display.  So, in addition to the preview copies of the newest book, I ended up ordering quantities of 5 of my previous books also.  By the time I had ordered the necessary inventory of my books, the rain and mist had come to an end and the grass had dried sufficiently for me to start the mowing for the week.  The rest of the morning and most of the afternoon was spent outside mowing.  Midway through the afternoon mowing the sun came out and caused a drastic increase in temperature and humidity.  I enjoy mowing — not only because I can be outside, but it also provides a peaceful place to pray and worship.  While I still plan to head to the camp this week to pray, while I was mowing I was able to pray for the 2nd grade camp session that was wrapping up today and for the 3rd grade session that would begin this evening.

By late afternoon it was time to call it a day and get some lunch on my way home.  Once home, I sat and relaxed for a little while and then we headed down to Potato Creek to take a walk and see if the eagle would show himself.  The eagle wasn’t out when we got there so we headed out on a trail for a hike that could best be described as “Sweating with the Oldies”. 🙂  When we finished our hike, we checked back where we usually find the eagle and he still wasn’t out so we headed on home.

The photo for today’s page was taken at the end of our time at Potato Creek today.  The air was calm with hardly a ripple on the surface of the lake.  This made for a huge reflecting pool as the sun broke through the clouds and shone down upon the lake.  It reminded me of how our stillness before God prepares us to better reflect His image and His glory than we can when we are living in the turbulence of a noisy life.

I pray that you and I would make prayer and worship a priority, even in the midst of the routine tasks of life.  I pray that we would allow God’s Spirit to calm us and lead us beside still waters.  I pray that the stillness we experience with God would prepare us for the turmoil we experience in the world.


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