2016: Page 235

Page 235 was a Monday which included a visit from our pest control service which meant I needed to be at work by 6 AM.  The early start to the day allowed me to get the cleaning done and a few maintenance tasks taken care of before the start of the school day.  Being Monday, I eventually settled into some prayer and listening time to find a topic for next week’s prayer guide.  I eventually settled on the topic of honesty as it seems to be a subject worth spending some time in prayer about as we seek God’s perspective.  God often ties honesty and integrity together as He expects us to not only be honest but to speak and live with integrity in the way we follow through with what we say.

Much of the morning was spent in time with God putting the prayer guide together and following up on some projects from last week.  With the early start to the day, I headed out shortly after noon to pick up some supplies for a couple work projects to do tomorrow and then got some lunch before heading home.  The afternoon was a combination of relaxing and going through camera equipment in an attempt to decide if there are pieces that I will likely not use again and need to try to sell while they still have value.  After supper I went out and took a few photos around the house, including the hibiscus blossom that made it onto today’s page.  As I look at the photo, it reminds me of the transparency, or honesty, that we need to have so the light of Jesus can shine freely through us.  At first glance, it could appear that this blossom has a light in the center of it but that is simply the light of the sun shining through it.  Jesus says that our life ought to shine in such that people would see our good works and glorify God — because it is obvious to them that He is the source of our good works and light.

Today was also my dad’s 80th birthday, so I want to include on today’s page a poem I wrote to honor him on Father’s Day two years ago.

My Dad

It’s getting late, I should be in bed.
But it seems like a poem is stuck in my head.
It rolls around in there, and seems to want out.
To be set in print, to stop rolling about.

So here I am, with keyboard and mouse.
Alone in the basement of a quiet house.
The topic is fitting – all good, nothing bad.
A poem’s trying to form that would honor my dad!

A harder worker, I surely don’t know.
He taught me so much by the seeds he did sow.
And while there was much he did plant in the ground.
It was seeds full of wisdom that did always abound.

I know there were days that he probably thought.
Will these boys of mine ever do what they ought?
I’m so very glad that my dad still can see.
Just what kind of man that I’m growing to be.

As I look back in time and down through the years.
I pray that my life now has made up for the tears.
I learned how to work and I learned how to play.
From my mom and dad as they showed me the way.

Dad worked very hard — in fact, he still does.
It’s his way of life, not just something that was.
But even in work, there was room for fun.
Dad helped me to see; I needed both, not just one.

Some days at the sawmill, we’d walk home through the wood.
And jump in the pond, like every boy should.
There always were chores that had to be done.
But when they were finished, there was still time for fun.

Dad doesn’t say much, but that is okay.
For I understand, I am much the same way.
His actions speak louder than words ever can.
I know he’s beside me, as my biggest fan.

There is so much I do, as I step back and look.
That I learned from my dad, it can’t be found in a book.
Dad showed me how to invest life in life.
As he builds up his children and loves his own wife.

I’m sure there are things that are clear in my mind.
That if I could see now, something different I’d find.
My recollection — of vacations, you see.
Dad would stop anywhere, as long as it was free!

State parks were the norm, of places we’d go.
We could have lots of fun without spending much dough.
So when I grew older, and out on my own.
I have often returned to where those seeds were sown.

To visit some places where memories were made.
I’ve taken my family, and we’d walk in the shade.
The example that I saw, in the childhood I had.
Was a home full of love, and a great mom and dad.

I could go on, with this poem for a while.
When I think of my dad, I can’t help but smile.
He lives life each day, to the best that he can.
And when I grow up, I want to be like that man!

© 2014 by Tom Lemler

I pray that you and I would pursue a life lived with honesty and integrity through the power of God’s Spirit within us.  I pray that we would live and work in such a way that the light of the Son is seen through us in all that we do.  I pray that we would honor our parents in whatever way we are able to.


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