2017: Page 300

Well, I’ve finally reached page 300 in this year’s edition of my page-and-photo-a-day adventure!  You know what that means — only 65 days left in the year!  The day began with an extra jolt to my already addled mind, so it has felt like a longer day than what it has been.  As I went about my early morning tasks, my prayer hymn this morning was “Rock of Ages”.  As I was singing, “Rock of ages, cleft for me; let me hide myself in Thee”, I thought about the pigeons that we saw living in the rock cliffs at a few of the New York state parks we visited last week.  Unless they came out and I caught sight of their movement, they were very well hidden and protected in the hollowed out areas of the canyon walls.  It is often those times when I choose to venture out on my own, away from the presence of God, that I find myself most vulnerable.  

As I was cleaning, the various posters or banners of the “A B C’s & 1 2 3’s”  caught my attention and after the building was ready for the day I discovered a poem that was ready to fall out of my mind.  The seed of the poem was the absolute nature of our understanding of the meaning and value we give to the alphabet and numbers.  This was one that as I started typing the poem out I had no idea where it was going to end up.  Once finished, I could see how it had flowed through my thoughts and I titled it “A Relative Mess“.  After the poem was typed out and added to this blog, I spent some time working in the office before heading outside to clear my mind as much as possible.  It was a cloudy, breezy, chilly day but I fired up the lawn mower and set out to spend some time with God as I mowed lawn and mulched leaves.

By afternoon I had done what needed done outside and I warmed up in my office for a while and watched the birds harvesting the berries from the brush outside my window.  Today’s photo is of one of the cardinals who had paused from the berry eating/collecting just long enough for me to take her photo.  With the breeze blowing against her, you could say she has her dander up and is getting ready for winter.  None of the birds sat still very long and it was difficult to photograph them, but they all were looking rounder than they had all summer as they fill in and fluff out their winter coats.  Once I was warmed up from my mowing project, I headed out to get some cleaning supplies that I would need to finish up the day.  I stopped for a late lunch while I was out and then started the Friday evening cleaning when I got back to work.  My head was starting to buzz, so I kept at the cleaning knowing that if I stopped it would be difficult to motivate myself to get back to it.  By keeping at it, my mind was able to stay focused on the task at hand and I finished with the weekend prep at a decent time.  Since the work had kept my mind focused, when I got done I sat down to write today’s page.  So, with the page nearly written it will be good to soon call it a day and head home where I can rest.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Time generally stands still for no one . . . although there are a couple times recorded in scripture where God did some interesting things with time. 🙂
  • Writing something about every day has been a good exercise for me.
  • God is always at work.  For me, writing helps me to look for how He was working today.
  • When my mind is in a fragile state, it doesn’t take much of a “bump” to cause further disturbance.
  • I am thankful for a God in whom I can hide — who is a “cleft for me”.
  • When it comes to absolutes, there is nothing as absolute as God.
  • Obedience to God doesn’t require that I know all the details of where that obedience will lead.  It only requires that I obey.
  • Yes, it is cold out.  But, it is the end of October and even the birds of the air are preparing and expecting it to be cold . . . maybe we should learn something from them. 


2 thoughts on “2017: Page 300

    • The birds I kept seeing yesterday sure looked like they are expecting winter-like weather. 🙂 Hopefully we’ll still get some nice fall weather scattered through November.

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