2016: Page 236

Page 236 continued the school year routine of early morning cleaning and building prep.  With some cooler temperatures to start the day, I worked on some outside maintenance around the building after the inside prep was done.  Sometime in the morning my brother called and said he was set up at market for the day and discovered he had a flat tire.  When I completed the outside project I was working on, I stopped by the house to pick up a lug wrench, floor jack, and air compressor.  With what I hoped was the necessary equipment, I headed to market to see what help I could give my brother.  There was no sign of a puncture or current leak, so I plugged in the air compressor and inflated the tire to the pressure it should have.  Once it was full, we checked for leaks as best we could and found no sign of air loss.  After taking a walk around market and talking with my niece, I checked the air pressure in the tire and it had not changed from when I filled it.  With a good deed accomplished, I headed back to work where I did some follow-up in trying to get some of the outside lighting issues taken care of.  By early afternoon my workday was complete and I headed back to the market to take my brother some books that he wanted for a friend.  While there, I made a final check of the tire pressure and it was still the same as it had been earlier, so while that was good news it still didn’t explain the low tire to begin with.

I had made plans to have dinner with my mom and dad so when I got home we headed that direction by way of Potato Creek State Park.  While we didn’t see any of the eagles we were hoping for, I did get some photos of a muskrat, an osprey, and a deer grazing in a swamp area.  The deer fascinated me that it could be knee deep in mud with its tiny feet, wandering about as if on dry land.  When we arrived at the restaurant to have dinner with my mom and dad to celebrate dad’s birthday, my dad’s brothers were there also as well as his older brother’s wife.  It was a good meal and a good evening together with family.  

As I think about the day, family seems to be a theme was woven from beginning to end.  Even the deer in today’s photo appears to  be “with family” — or eats a lot better than the deer I see at work. 🙂  It was good to have the ability and availability to help my brother this morning when he called me about his tire.  It was good to spend some time outside at Potato Creek with my family even without seeing an eagle.  It was good to share a meal together with my parents and be joined by an aunt and two uncles that I don’t see or interact with often. The day also made me think of the family we have been adopted into as children of God.  Am I using my ability and availability to help my brothers and sisters in Christ when they make their needs known?  Do I enjoy spending time with the family I have in Christ even when its not exactly as I had hoped?  Do I value time with Christians who may be separated from me by some type of distance?  God’s family should be a place where each member is valued by one another and where we rejoice when we come together regardless of how much time or distance separates us from one another.

I pray that you and I would be mindful of opportunities to serve one another.  I pray that we would have families that we can value and honor.  I pray that we would be the family of Christ, especially to those who have physical families that do not function as families.  I pray that we would value the time we can spend together with our physical families and with our Christian family.


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