2016: Page 234

Page 234 is a Sunday — a day of rest, so they say.  Yesterday’s events made it a late night so, since there was no reason not to be, I was up early today to write yesterday’s page.  With all of the birthday greetings on Facebook yesterday, it would appear that it might have been my birthday even though it didn’t really seem like it.  At Deer Run this morning, David continued a series in Ephesians as he talked about the attitude God expects us to have in relationships with others and with Him — the same attitude that was found in Jesus Christ as He came to serve all mankind through His life, death, and resurrection.  

After the church service, we got lunch and then I spent some time continuing to go through the photos I took yesterday.  I often describe my photography methodology as simply being, “click the shutter a lot and hope for the best”!  Actually, it is more complex and detailed than that and has a lot to do with the gift of perspective God has given me, but that philosophy would better explain the quantity of photos I end up with.  It is fascinating, and frustrating, to have a gift of perspective that very few have any appreciation for outside of the photography realm.  Being able to see from a wide perspective is not appreciated by a large number of people who seem content to push forward with a tunnel vision mentality that refuses to acknowledge their impact in the larger context of life.

As I went through yesterday’s photos, MJ was out mowing the lawn.  When she came in, she was wanting to go take pictures or do something away from the house so we headed down to Potato Creek where the clouds seemed to be begging to have their pictures taken against the background of a bright blue sky.  My photo for today was taken looking down the east fishing pier from ground level.  It made me think of how often I’m encouraged to take a long walk off a short pier — and often I’m the one encouraging it. 🙂  After some time in the park, we returned  home where I began the process of writing today’s page so I can hopefully finish it in a timely fashion and get to the “rest” part of the day of rest.

I’m not sure what the lesson from today that I would normally share in the day’s page is supposed to be other than perhaps I shouldn’t write when I’m tired and discouraged.  I pray that you and I would daily learn from the example of Jesus as we serve one another with the same attitude as shown by Jesus.  I pray that we would consider, and value, the perspectives of others as we pursue God’s direction and timing for the tasks He would have us do.  I pray that nothing would get in the way of our living in complete obedience  to a God who loves us and has called us to Himself. 


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