2016: Page 180

Sometimes you look back and wonder what happened to the day and how it seemed to slip away without getting much on the day’s list accomplished.  Page 180 was one of those days. 🙂  The day began well enough as I headed to work early and took care of some tasks left over from last night’s meeting.  I caught up on messages and put together a prayer ministry slide for the National Student Conference and sent it off to where it needed to go.  As I settled in to do some more writing on my current book project, I received a call that the service tech had arrived to straighten out our HVAC system control issues.  The power fluctuations from last week’s storms caused several of the system controllers to become confused.  One of the minor controllers had claimed address number one which created a conflict that kept me from accessing the primary controller which also had address number one — as it should have.  In addition to tracking down the source of this address conflict, there were several controllers not communicating with the system.  By keeping at it, we found the controller conflict and was able to reassign the rogue number one controller to the address it was supposed to have.  Several of the other controllers needed reloaded with the information they were supposed to have and one of them needed its proper address restored after finding out it had reset itself to an address number far out of the range that is usable by our system.  By the time all of this was done, I had regained access to the system, we had found 3 components that need parts to be replaced, and the workday had slipped away.  

After cleaning up the trail we had left behind us during the day, I headed home and then took an evening walk with the family at Potato Creek.  One of the bald eagles was waiting for us when we arrived at the park and the nest of osprey we walked past were active with one of the young stretching its wings.  As we came off the trail at the end of our walk, the sun was breaking through the clouds and reflecting off the lake.  It was a beautiful scene to try to capture even though I knew a photograph wouldn’t do it justice.  For me, the beauty that saturates all of creation continually points to the One who called everything into being and sustains it by His will.

As I think about the day, I wonder how often our lives experience a similar problem that the building’s HVAC system had — we lose function because we give the number one address spot to something other than the One who ought to be our primary controller.  When we put anything or anyone in a position equal to or greater than God, our life is no longer in balance as it was created to be.  When we try to follow instructions from multiple sources, we end up confused and ineffective.  When we try to live life outside of the boundaries that God has communicated through His Word, we find ourselves disconnected from the only source of life and power that can sustain us into eternity.  It is through time alone with God in prayer and His Word that we allow Him to reset our priorities so that He returns to the number one position in our life.  Our time spent listening to God helps us to know His will and His voice so that we’re able to distinguish good from evil and right from wrong.  Pursuing God with complete obedience keeps us within the parameters of life that He has set for our good and for our benefit.

I pray that you and I would always keep God as the first priority in our life.  I pray that we would pursue and love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength.  I pray that we would spend so much time with God that we not only recognize His voice, but that it becomes the only one we listen to.  I pray that we would not become so full of ourselves that we leave the fold of God’s presence, believing that we somehow know better than Him what is best for us.


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