2016: Page 179

Page 179 has been a busy day even with doing part of my normal Monday work yesterday.  I started the workday freshening up bathrooms and collecting trash from throughout the building so nothing was setting around all week that would collect bugs or start to smell bad.  As I went through the building, part of the A/C units were working and part of them still required a manual restart before they would run.  After I was done with straightening things up from Sunday, I called the service company for our HVAC control system and then began to do some writing while I waited for their return call.  With having written the next prayer guide yesterday, I was able to finish several more days in the 31-day devotional journal I am writing.

One of the topics I wrote about today focused on heaven being a home of obedience.  Jesus said that not everyone who says, “Lord, Lord!” will enter the kingdom of heaven but only those who do the will of His Father.  Our obedience to the Father shows not only that we belong, but that we want to belong.  One of the most difficult things to do can be to remain faithful in our obedience when the streams of the world want to carry us into areas of disobedience.  I can’t tell you how often I become discouraged when I don’t see the results I would like from the work I do.  When I believe God has gifted me to write a resource that I think would benefit others and then work up the courage to offer it to them, I begin to question why I even write when the offers are met with complete silence.  And then as I fight off the seeds of discouragement, God brings reminders from unexpected sources that He is using this gifting in my life according to His purposes which are higher and more noble than mine.

By mid-afternoon I was ready for a break from the building as I anticipated a long day with an evening meeting in the schedule as well.  So, by 3 PM, I grabbed my camera and stopped to get a sandwich on my way to the river to enjoy some time surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation.  The floral beauty drew a lot of my attention but as I thought about the day so far, it was a photo of a duck standing on the edge of a waterfall which made today’s page.  Even with the water rushing by and swirling around her feet, this duck stood her ground.  It didn’t matter that she was standing alone and she wasn’t about to be moved from her position by the flow of the water.  I’m one who has a natural tendency to “go with the flow” in a lot of things, although I do have a stubborn side of me that can dig in my heels and stand firm concerning certain things.  While that’s not a bad mix, the important thing is to stand firm in obedience to God while being flexible in the things that are not important.  Too often I find myself standing firm in my will while allowing the flow of the world to carry me along in ways that distract me further from the will of God.  That is not only the lesson from the duck today, but I believe that is the lesson God wants me to learn with my writing — how it gets used is up to Him, my responsibility is to be faithful in writing and sharing what He gives me as I trust Him to use it or not use it according to what He knows is best.

I pray that you and I would daily seek to know and do the will of the Father.  I pray that we would have the wisdom to know when to stand firm and when to be flexible.  I pray that we would choose faithfulness and obedience regardless of how easy or difficult it is.  I pray that we would not allow the flow of the world to carry us away from the stand we take in Christ.


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