2016: Page 351

Page 351 begins week 51 of this page-and-photo-a-day adventure I’ve been on this year.  In many ways, it is hard to believe I’ve been writing something about my day for 351 days in a row!  And for those who have been asking and wondering, I do plan to continue the daily writing in some fashion in the coming year. 🙂  My day began early with some outside work as I did my best to scrape the packed snow and ice off the sidewalks.  Once I had done what I could on them I headed inside to clean bathrooms, floors, and hallways to get the building ready for the day.  I followed the morning cleaning with some writing, study, and working on some of the details for an upcoming conference.  By late morning, the temperature was up around twenty degrees so I headed out to clear the sidewalks along the road.  While the temperature was ten degrees warmer than yesterday, it was a gloomy day and it actually felt colder running the snowblower than it did yesterday when it was colder but the sun was shining brightly.  

Knowing the Friday night cleaning would keep me in the building late, I headed out to lunch and then down to Potato Creek to get in a waist management and mental health hike during the afternoon.  Today was the Indiana State Parks system’s one hundredth birthday so it was nice to spend part of it in one of the parks.  Today’s photo was taken during my hike as I found a tree that the beavers had chopped down.  I hiked out to this tree specifically to check on the progress as last week I had noticed the beavers were working in this area and that this tree had a notch chewed into one side.  They had kept at it since my last visit and sometime during the week brought the tree down.  As I finished my hike, I noticed one of the eagles in the tree next to the boat ramp area where I had parked.  I shot one photo of it through a small opening in the treetops then made an adjustment to my camera’s exposure setting.  When I looked back up, he was gone.  I walked down to the lake and scanned the shoreline but wasn’t able to see where he had gone.  There were several people out ice fishing on the lake so I headed out across the ice to get a better look down the inlet channel and as I did so, I could see the pair of eagles further down the tree line.  I managed a few photos of them before heading back to the truck to warm up and return to work.

After finishing part of my cleaning and floor scrubbing, I sat down in the office to start writing today’s page and drink a Dr Pepper.  Once the page is finished, I will turn my attention back to the floors and other cleaning that needs done before Sunday morning.  As I think about the day, my mind settles on the phrase “busy as a beaver”.  It’s an interesting phrase because I’ve been out several times in the past week and haven’t seen the beavers working even once.  What I have seen is evidence that they keep at their task using whatever pace suits them until it is finished.  In many ways, that is what most of my Fridays are.  I know going into them that they will be long and that there are certain things that will need to be done.  Some of those things need done before the school day begins and some of them need to be done after the building is empty for the day.  It is not exactly a fast-paced day, instead it is a day that simply  needs a level of perseverance to keep at it until the tasks are complete.  Our walk with Christ ought to be a lot like that.  It is not always the fastest that wins the race, but the winner is always one who finishes.  I believe God wants us to do our best and to do whatever is before us with some degree of efficiency.  But it is also important that we don’t rush past the people God has called us to serve as we hurry to finish our list of things that are important.  

I pray that  you and I would spend time in prayer reflecting on the past year of our life and seeking what God would lead us to in the coming year.  I pray that we would not only pay attention to the lessons that God teaches us each day, but that we would share those lessons with others for their benefit.  I pray that we would live life with perseverance as we continue our journey on this earth with an eye on our eternal reward.  I pray that we would be busy about the work of the Lord, but not so busy that we miss the people He has called us to work with. 


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