2016: Page 350

Page 350 began with more snow than anyone was calling for, so I got up and headed into work for a short while to make sure the walks were cleared and ready for the school day.  They were being worked on when I got there so I grabbed my shovel and helped finish clearing the exit walkways around the building.  After putting down a little ice melt on one of the problem areas, I headed home to continue my “day off”.  

I spent much of the morning going through recent photos I’ve taken and eventually settled on one that I added scripture to that I will likely have printed in some form to put in my office.  I also came across the photo that I’m using on today’s page.  While not taken today, it could have been as the sun came out brightly after the early morning snow passed through and coated everything with a fresh coat of white.  As the morning slipped away, I shoveled an area clear in front of the garage and pulled the pellet grill out to do some grilling in the mid-day sun.  The thermometer said it was only ten degrees, but the sun made it tolerable as I prepared bacon cheeseburgers for lunch.  While they were on the grill cooking, I fired up the snowblower and cleared the rest of the driveway.  The wind was blowing steadily, so by the time I was done running the snowblower I looked much like a walking snowman.  

After lunch I gave some thought to going out to enjoy the sunshine by taking a walk in the freshly coated winter wonderland but with no eager takers to join me, I ended up staying inside and playing some Wii games.  The forecast is for more snow with the possibility of sleet and freezing rain mixed in for the weekend so it’s probably just as well that I rest when I can.  Winter brings with it a unique beauty but it comes with a price.  For me, the extra work and planning it takes to deal with the falling snow is worth the winter scenes that I am able to see and photograph.  

Sometimes in life it is difficult to see the beauty that exists in people because of the work needed to get to know them.  We look at people that aren’t quite like us, or very much not like us, or needy, or hurting, or lonely, or messy, or a variety of other things and all we see is the work that a relationship of any kind with them would take.  We see the things that require effort and fail to see how those very characteristics not only define a person, but adds beauty to them.  Sometimes we need a covering of “snow” in our lives to allow the ugliness that the world has created in us to be covered until a season of spring allows us to be renewed in mind, body, and spirit.  The season of rest takes work, but it is worth it when we begin to look beyond the work to notice the beauty that is being revealed.

I pray that you and I would have a flexibility of plans that allows us to live with contentment when things aren’t quite what we expected.   I pray that we would be deliberate about remembering the Word of God and its application in our life.  I pray that we would notice the beauty that surrounds us, even when the source of the beauty requires extra effort from us.  I pray that we would see the beauty of people created in God’s image, especially when noticing that beauty requires work on our part.  I pray that we would use seasons of rest to prepare us for renewal and growth.  


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