2016: Page 181

Page 181 was a prayer walk day at the camp that almost didn’t happen.  After spending the entire day yesterday with the service techs at the building, I was tempted to skip this week’s visit to the camp and spend the day in the office catching up on what I had hoped to accomplish yesterday.  As I contemplated that option, I had to ask myself if I believed in the importance of prayer or just talk about it being important.  Well, I do believe in the importance of prayer, and in what God is able to do in a camp setting, so I followed through with my commitment to pray on-site for the camp each week this summer.  

The day began early as I went in to work and printed off what I have written so far in my current book project so the proof-reading can begin.  Before I could get sidetracked by anything else, I headed up to camp to spend the day praying for the staff, faculty, and campers as well as for the ongoing ministry of the camp.  While I have usually begun the prayer days by walking the perimeter of the property, today the campers were out when I arrived so I sat at a picnic table where I could watch and pray.  It wasn’t long before the bell rang and they lined up and went inside for a time of worship.  I moved to the outside play area where I could hear their songs of worship and spent time praying about the worship and the lessons they would hear.  As their time inside was drawing to an end, I began the perimeter walk, praying that God would place a hedge of protection around all that takes place on the camp property.  I was able to help serve lunch then spent the afternoon praying at various places on the property before doing another perimeter prayer walk to finish my day at camp.

As I walk and pray, I carry my cameras in order to use them as part of my prayer and worship as well as have photos to share so others can see some of the things that serve as prayer prompts during my walks.  The photo on today’s page is one that I took early in the day as the sun rose over the camp property.  Unseen in the photograph is the sound of the songs of worship being sung by the campers.  As I listened to their worship, the sight in front of me made me think of God’s smile beaming down upon what He was hearing.  I also believe it could represent God smiling upon my decision to make prayer a priority, as well as my keeping my commitment when it would have been tempting to take care of tasks that were more demanding but less important.

I pray that you and I would understand our need to live a life of prayer.  I pray that we would not only learn to “pray without ceasing”, but we would devote times to pray for specific purposes.  I pray that we would learn from Jesus the importance of spending time with our Heavenly Father.  I pray that we would never become slaves to the urgent at the expense of the important.


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