2016: Page 175

Page 175 followed another stormy night which meant sleep was in a somewhat shorter supply than usual.  It was also a reminder of how quickly time passes as we celebrated our daughter’s 27th birthday today!  There must be something wrong with the calendar math because her 27th birthday would mean I might be starting to get old and that can’t be right. 😉  I spent a little time before work going through photos of Susan to choose some to post as we celebrate her birthday.  As I traveled back in time through photographs, a short poem entered my mind that I shared with the photos.  In honor of Susan, I add it to today’s page:

Happy Birthday Susan!

Today is the day
that we celebrate.
The birthday of one
who really is great!
Down through the years
we’ve had lots of fun.
With this sweet, grown-up girl
who shines like the sun!

The faith of a child
that God wants us to know.
Is seen in her life,
everyday it does show.
She longs to see Jesus
in heaven some day.
And lives with a faith
that shows others the way.

It’s not always been easy,
some days are quite tough.
But God gives us grace
that is always enough.
That grace has a name,
we call her Susan.
And she fills my life
with a whole lot of fun!

Happy Birthday Susan!

When I got to work, I took care of some tasks left over from yesterday and then spent some time writing on my current book project.  As I worked at writing, I ended up being called away to assist with some annual maintenance needs in the building.  As I took the service tech to the areas he needed to be, my ears told me that some of our A/C units weren’t functioning as they should have been.  Sometimes after a storm if the power to the building has been off, or even fluctuated, parts of our HVAC system need to be reset and sometimes they need to go through a 24-hour system cycle to reset themselves.  After I finished what needed done with our fire extinguisher inspection/service, I went through the building and checked on the HVAC controls.  The area that I first thought didn’t sound right ended up having a unit that wasn’t running and after a reset of the control panel it started right up.  Once I knew everything was running, the birthday girl and I headed out for a trip to the zoo.  After seeing her animal friends, we had lunch and went to Sam’s where she picked out a birthday cake.  By late afternoon we headed to Potato Creek to walk and ended up seeing, and photographing, a pair of bald eagles and a nest of osprey.  After our walk, it was back home where we had birthday cake and ice cream for supper. 🙂  

The picture on today’s page is from our walk at Potato Creek and represents the peace and beauty that followed last night’s storm.  Even with a stack of clouds on the horizon, it was peaceful because it was apparent that these weren’t storm clouds — they’re what I call “sky texture”.  There is something comforting about seeing the dark storm clouds give way to blue skies and puffy “texture” clouds.  Jesus taught that we would have trouble in this world but also encourages us to “take heart” because He has overcome the world.  Life in Christ is not without its share of storms but we can take comfort in knowing that we’re not left to weather the storms on our own.  When Jesus would start talking to His disciples about His death, burial, and resurrection, He had to assure them that this was for their good — that when He would leave the earth to be with His Father, He would be able to send the Holy Spirit as their comforter and counselor.  We endure the storms of life because we have the presence of God with us and because we know that His power is greater than the power of any storm.

I pray that you and I would make time to celebrate life with our loved ones.  I pray that we would value the family that God has placed us in and the family that He has given us.  I pray that we would help others to know that we value them because of the value they have to God.  I pray that we would endure the storms of life with patience as we trust in the One who is greater than any storm.  I pray that we would be thankful people for the peace that God brings not only after the storm, but also during the storm.


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