2016: Page 174

Most days I reach the end of the day and have a good idea of what I ought to write on that day’s page.  A few days, however, it is a struggle to know what to write — not usually because God wasn’t teaching me anything, but more often because it was a recurring lesson that I’ve already written about or I’m still processing how to describe the application of the day.  Today is a day that a lot has happened but I’m not real sure what it is I’ll write.  Page 174 began with some cleaning and taking out the trash from some areas that were used during our VBS the evening before.  The predicted morning rain hadn’t shown up, so after taking care of some maintenance issues I headed to the camp for a day of prayer.

This was my third week in a row to pray for the camp at the camp and I find that being there becomes a little easier each week.  When I drive onto the property, I don’t sit in the truck nearly as long now before checking in at the office as I did the first time back.  🙂  My prayer walk routine has been pretty similar each week so far.  I begin with a perimeter walk (as much as possible), praying for a hedge of protection to surround the spiritual teaching and training that is taking place.  As I walk and pray, different things catch my eye and I will often photograph such things and consider how God wants to use those visual reminders to guide my prayers.  The photographs not only serve as promptings on what to pray, as I share them on social media at the end of the day I am able to lead others on a prayer walk of their own.  Once I finish the perimeter, I spend time both sitting and wandering primary use areas of the property where I pray that God’s Spirit would move mightily in encouraging, equipping, training, and convicting each person according to their need through all of the activities that take place.  That process has been taking me through the morning to lunch time when I take a break to eat then repeat the entire process in the afternoon.  

While praying today, I took some photos of the lilies growing around the wellhead in front of the office.  For me it could be because they are yellow, but their vibrant color makes it difficult for them to go unnoticed.  As I watched a hummingbird check out the various blossoms for their nectar, I thought about how we ought to have a vibrant faith that attracts people to the nectar of Jesus in our life.  Our life ought to present a vibrant beauty that comes from having the joy and peace of Jesus in us.  When God’s Spirit dwells within us, scripture tells us that He produces a fruit that contains love, joy, peace, patience kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.  When you think about something containing all of those qualities and then realize that “something” is you when you walk by the Spirit, you soon realize that the vibrant life that attracts others to Jesus is not of your doing at all — it is the work of God!

I pray that you and I would allow God’s Spirit to fill us with the courage to do the good things we find difficult.  I pray that we would pay attention to the many ways that God attempts to teach us each day.  I pray that we would take a good look at our life and consider how vibrant it is.  I pray that we would make it a daily practice to walk by the Spirit so that His presence within us would create a vibrant look that draws people to Jesus.


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